WITH. AND. Raevskii (8 June 1838 r. From St. Petersburg and Tsarskoye Selo in Petrozavodsk)

June 8 of the day.
Dear friend Sviatoslav,
Your last letter grieved me: you know yourself why; but I forgive you from the heart, I know your upset nerves. How could you think, I joked to your tranquility or saying things, to get rid. the main thing, I absolutely did not say that, or let say, not to pro. I said, that the review is disobedient to the authorities will hurt you then, when you're still sitting here in custody, and that without it you, may be, I would stay here.
I have heard here, that you asked to the waters, and that the request forwarded to the Minister of War; but the resolution does not know; if you go, then, you are welcome, write, where and when. I am here still miss; how to be? Late life for me worse. I'm talking late, because the exercises and maneuvers only produce fatigue. Not write write, print troublesome, and even tried, but failed.
Novel, we started with you, delayed and is unlikely to end,1 because the circumstances, which constituted the basis of his, changed, and I, know, I can not in this case to deviate from the truth.
If you go to the Caucasus, that is, I'm sure, It will bring you many benefits both physically and morally: you get back a poet, but not to save and political dreamer, that soul and body healthier. I do not know, how are you, and here I am, after all the cold Caucasus, When other hot, and much healthier to, I now, it seems, It is impossible to. About Yureve2 tell you: imagine, I fell in love with an actress, resigned, He lives with Balabina, tobacco and tea already in debt and do not give 30.000 debt, and out of the city do not let, - see: in all their misfortunes.
goodbye, dear friend, and I ask you to, Be confident in me and think, I would never say or do anything you distressing. goodbye, Dear friend, grandmother also wrote to you.
M. Lermontov.

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Mikhail Lermontov
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