The tragedy in five acts

Do not forsake my weak gift,
Though here I expressed carelessly
People invincibility zest
And wild passions rebellious fervor.

Not! Not for the light I wrote -
He is a stranger to delight inspiration;
Not! I promised not to him
Their favorite creations.

I know: still it,
soul eh, performed sorrow,
Or veselomu mind
Living strings meet.

But you could understand me;
You are not sufferer ridiculed,
You're a troubled brow
Wrinkles were rounded up early:

So over the tomb stands
birch young, inclining
With the participation of branches on granite,
When thunder roars night!..


don Alvarec . Spanish nobleman.
Emilia . his daughter.
Donna Maria . her stepmother.
Fernando . The young Spaniard, bred Alvarez.
pater Sorrini . The Italian Jesuit, serving at Inquisition. 1
Dominican . buddy Sorrini.
Moses . The Hebrew.
Noemi . his daughter.
Sarah . I try Jewess.
Spaniards . vagabondage, podkuplennыe Sorriniem.
Jews and Jewesses.
Acolytes of the Inquisition.
slaves Alvaretsa, servants Sorriniya, people, grobovshtiki,
(The action takes place in Castile.)

Act One

scene I

(Room in Alvareca. Table. Portraits on the walls and a mirror on the wall.)
(Donna Maria sitting on chairs. Emilia worth the rosary.) 2
Donna Maria

Yes, from now on I forbid you
With Fernando talk, First of all, it
Base. Because my husband
You will not with him Sedin
matrimony; and I is the infusion!


trust, nobility is not in the papers,
And in the heart.

Donna Maria

So, much of it is true
Is this what you had heard. Perfectly!..


not wise, I much Fernando
Beautiful feelings helped found. When
I also toyed doll, it,
unknown orphan, I was taken by my father;
And since then I have with him under one roof
He lived as a brother - and, happened,
Together we walked in the mountains Castilian,3
He was a backwater and guide me;
And it was on the tops of roses,
Which could not for me he would get.

(Donna Maria scattering as it corrects something in his apparel - and is not listening.)

Once we have until the night comes:
Fragrant fresh breeze became,
And the moon in the sky rolled.
Before us was a fast flow; Fernando,
to move, He took me in his arms;
we have moved, but I still remained
In his arms. Suddenly, I remember,
He asked me a strange voice:
"Emily does not like me?" - "Not! love!» –
I said, and certainly from the moment
I love him dearly than anything else!..

Donna Maria

Here it is me and makes
Advise you not to talk to him.
I replace you mother, can,
And I have been given the right by Alvarez
Watch, strictly as possible, for you.
And you're the wife of Fernando is not thought to be.


Maybe, your false divination.

Donna Maria

Trust, you I'm not stupid, because,
What's really behind the third husband, experience
reason replaces, I know, as
unhappy marriage, when
The husband and wife are not able to.


Really dead husbands
give reason?..

Donna Maria (if he had not heard)

Call to Mass!



(to the side)

and he <всё> is not coming.

Donna Maria

Do you get a prayer book?


Brother! forgot,

(picks up)

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