Two brothers

Act One

the first scene

(Dmitry Petrovich in armchairs; Yuri beside him on a chair, Alexander in the side stands at the table and sorts of paper.)
Dmitry Petrovich . I thought, Jury, that you absolutely will not let me. I confess, die, not seen you, it would be sad - I am old, weak, - many living, sometimes too much fun, sometimes too sad ... and now I feel, that soon God will call me to him - even now, when I announced your arrival, the aging reminded about myself ... I do not know, how I suffered this last joy.
Jury . I find, father, that you are not so weak, as you say.
Dmitry Petrovich . What tricky?.. Alexander, Tell me, I do not in fact whether the younger I have since, he came.
Alexander . Exactly - you were never so much fun with me, as it is now with his brother.
Dmitry Petrovich . No penalty, brother, Blame not - because I am with you always, and his many years have not seen (kisses him). You, Jury, accurate portrait of your late mother.
Alexander . But it is now four years, brother was not at home ... and he changed a lot, and everything here in Moscow, except us, changed ... I think, He does not recognize the Princess Vera.
Jury . what Princess?..
Dmitry Petrovich . Do not know!.. Verinka Zagorskina married Prince Ligovsky! Your former Moscow passion.
Jury . BUT! So she married, and Prince?
Dmitry Petrovich . How did, 3000 shower and most honorable man, predobryj, They have hired a mezzanine, and today I called them to dinner.
Jury . prince! AND 3000 shower! And if he has his own in the bargain?
Dmitry Petrovich . He most honorable man, and my wife loves, tries to please her in everything, only covet what she, the next day will be at her desk ... All her relatives say, that she is happy I could not be more.
Alexander . Father, what would you do with these papers?
Dmitry Petrovich . After - whether to issue me now.
Jury . I admit ... I thought before, that her heart is not corrupt ... now I see, it is worth a few hundred thousand of income.
Dmitry Petrovich . Oh you, young people! But he feels, that she would have done foolishly, if I am hoping for your childish propensity.
Jury . BUT! She became sensible.
Alexander (in some excitement). Father! Attorney waiting ... need.
Dmitry Petrovich . And now, when she married ... your pride touched - you annoyed, she's happy, - this is bad.
Jury . She can not be happy.
Alexander (interrupting). Father ... let ... a very necessary thing; (to the side) Is this conversation would never end!
Dmitry Petrovich . I told you, after that ... you're always with chores, because you see, I'm serious. No, Jury, this is not good ... but, You'll see for yourself, she loves her husband.
Jury . Can not be.
Dmitry Petrovich . All her relatives say, and she.
Jury . And I tell you, father, I too have firsthand notion, what a prince ... She can not love him.
Alexander . She loves him - passionately.
Dmitry Petrovich . Well, brother, You be the judge can not. (Jury) He was so cold, so reasonable, what, right, I often wanted to be better, that he was short-tempered and wind ... Here it is possible to bet, I never fall in love ... and not do something silly.
Alexander . I'm careful, father, bank of others and yourself.
Dmitry Petrovich . He is always ready to excuse - and you, Jury, I have to give advice and ask you to have this time at least to me full power of attorney. I am old, experienced and understand youth. I started this conversation tseliyu, hear: she is now happy, I am sure about that, but she is young, she loved you first, and in any case, your meeting will make it some excitement; If you show no desire to return to the previous, if you handle it, as a woman, which you would have met 2 times at the ball ... that believe, soon the two of you get used to the idea, that among you shall no longer have anything in common; but listen, Jury, I am begging you, not to eat or when to destroy their marital happiness: it is a pleasure low, it responds with something like envy ... more honor to seduce poor weak woman - promise me to behave prudently.
Jury . I promise not to make a first step.
Dmitry Petrovich . Jury!
Jury . I can not promise never to, than can perform.
Dmitry Petrovich . I am begging you!.. You know, I friend of her family.
Servant (includes). Prince to Princess Ligovsky.
Alexander (to the side). the decisive moment.
Jury . Father, you'll be happy with me.
(Enter the princess and the prince.) (Princess Yuri slowly bowed, observing each other.)
prince . Dmitry Petrovich! I have the honor to congratulate you on the arrival of Yuri Dmitrievich - I think, you are very happy.
Dmitry Petrovich . Thank you, prince, with all my heart ... when you're a father, then themselves quite understand me.
prince (with a smile). I hope, it will be soon.
(Vera turns away, later)
Vera . Mr. Радин! I recommend you to my husband - I beg to love him.
Jury . I will try, princess.
prince . And I hope, we get together: I, as saying the military, in the full sense of a good fellow.
Jury . seeing you, prince, I immediately guessed. (To the side) Her coolness makes me mad.
Dmitry Petrovich . The princess, welcome, prince.
(Sit down.)
Vera . How do you find, Mr. Радин, I have grown old?
Jury . The happiness does not grow old, princess, - you have not aged at all, although changed.
Dmitry Petrovich . Eh you satisfied, prince, your apartment?
prince . Very - lovely room, Only a rather strange location, many doors, stairs and corners in the rear half, I'm on the first day I almost get lost ... I, you know, yesterday moved and is now doing everything Housekeeping.
Vera . Brother, imagine, my dear Pierre!.. Today I wake up and suddenly I see in his closet the whole fashionable shop ... what happened: it's all he gave me a housewarming.
Jury . The princess! It shows, how expensive the prince appreciates your love.
prince . ABOUT, Have mercy! I'm so nice of her to entertain ... for each of its affection, I am ready to give ten thousand.
Alexander (to the side). For such affection, I too gave peace of mind - now give my life.
prince . You are so thoughtful, Alexander D., - Yesterday we were much happier you.
Vera . He always sad, when others are hilarious.
Alexander . If you like, I'm fun ...
Vera . pozhalusta, it is curious to see.
Alexander . Well, if you please: Do not tell, how thick the tax-farmer's wife lost her shoe in the collection, this is very funny, but you are so kind, you will be sorry. Share, like Prince Ivan broken three o'clock was talking to me about the structure of a new water mill, and he waved his arms like a chicken; you have seen this picture and did not laugh; repeat, that he tells about his uncle, like the 20-year-old received a slap in the face, 72 year everything was looking for his enemy, 92 th I found, I swung ... and died from the strain, - this is ridiculous, Only when he tells; finally, tell me your stupidity - you approach them too accustomed, and they gave me very tired More, than anyone.
Vera . Today you are inclined to anger.
Alexander . Right! - Well, I justify your guess and tell, as our neighbor crying, when the daughter refused to groom a million, because it is only once a week shaves beard.
Jury . Here too it would be not ridiculous - and I would be in its place took to his bed ... million, yes there is no need of any person, no mind, our people, no name - Mr million - everything.
Dmitry Petrovich . Full, Jury, it's too Petersburg.
Jury . Father! Everywhere think so - and says so in St. Petersburg, but trust me, woman, Failed million, sooner or later repent, and bitterly repent. How many charms in a million! outfits, presents, all the refined luxury, apology to all the weaknesses, shortcomings, respect, love, friendship ... you say, it will be all a hoax; but already we are eternally deceived, so it is better to be deceived by a million.
Dmitry Petrovich . I do not believe, so many thought so.
Jury . I know people, that come to these rules.
Vera (to the side). He worries me. (Loud) Pierre, You wanted to show Dmitry Petrovich, How do I remove our rooms, - and of something to talk to him.
prince . Oh sure - I have a small request to you - about the conditions.
Dmitry Petrovich . At your service, prince.
(leave. Alexander is close to Vera and Yuri, with a minute silence.)
Jury (mockingly). Yes, princess, million is horrible.
(leaves. It is immersed in thought.)
Alexander (He takes her hand). Vera, your husband ... all gone, we are alone, That's really a day, I wait for this moment, I saw your face, What do you want me to say something, - about, I read in your eyes, Vera, (she turns away) you turn; Of course you have the soul some new, painful mystery, - quickly, probably, pour it in my soul ... there are many others like her, and she get along with them. Any doubt? Well? You know, how cleverly I can resolve all doubts.
Vera . ABOUT! I remember.
Alexander . Do you remember, how much I was worth the labor to destroy your only prejudice and then how are you I was grateful, - because I love you, Vera, I love more, than you can imagine, I love like a man, who first loved and happy.
Vera . Yes, I too still remember it well.
Alexander . What is it? Reproach! repentance?.. And why is it just now, after two years!.. ABOUT! I do not want to guess, not, This moment of displeasure, you something ... upset and knowing, I love you so much, you pour me his annoyance well ..., Vera, OK, continue - it will calm you - I will gladly bear your reproaches, if only they were a proof of your love.
Vera (turns around). I have one request to you!..
Alexander (retreats a step back). request! You?.. BUT! That's still something new ... it's cold you, after so many oaths and assurances, after so many proofs of sincere affection ... like a curse. We will see, ma'am ... tell them ... you know, that my life belongs to you, Why is there a word: request? No victim, which I had not brought your whim.
Vera . ABOUT, I do not require any sacrifices!..
Alexander . the worse, Vera, - more victims I could show you my love ...
Vera (to the side). Love - this is unbearable.
Alexander . I see, I'm starting to bother you, - not wise: I'm a fool! Why I did not use tricks, to keep your heart, when it acquired the cunning!.. But what to do? I wanted to try at least once a sincere love, open ...
Speak, What is your pleasure.
Vera . I wanted to ask you - that you - tell your brother!
Alexander . brother?
Vera (soon). Yes, tell him, that it is extremely offended me, hinting at the wealth of my husband, - you know, because I married him ... it was crazy, error ... tell him, ask him to, that he, for the sake of our old friendship, not distressed me more ... if it is for you not to sacrifice, I ask you to tell him ...
Alexander . Good, Vera, I say ... but it, contrary to you, It will serve as a proof of my affection more than anything else.
Vera (protyahyvaya hand). ABOUT, my friend, I thank you.
Alexander . No, for god's sake, luchshe no thanks. (leaves, to the side) Of course, I did not tell him!..
Vera (one). On this day I feel, I died!.. I'm not a power, some evil spirit has my actions, my words.
prince (leaning out of the door). Verynka, Verynka! Venez ici1 - Look, what a wonderful trellis Dmitry Petrovich,2 - tomorrow you buy the same exact.
Vera (as if waking up, rises). Oh my God! And all my life to hear the voice!..
End of Act 1

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