Princess Ligovskoy

Go! - Come! It was a cry!


Chapter I

AT 1833 year, On December 21, the day in 4 pm on Ascension Street, as usual, valyl crowd of people, and by the way I was a young officer; note the date and time, because in this day and at this hour event occurred, from which extends a chain of different adventures, befallen all my heroes and heroines, the story I promised to convey to posterity, if posterity will read novels. - So, of the Ascension was a young officer, and he walked out of the Department of, tired of the monotonous work, dreaming about the award and a delicious dinner - for all the officials dream! - He was wearing his cap indefinite shape and a blue quilted overcoat with a fur collar, old; facial features it was hard to discern: The reason kozыrek, collar - and twilight; - thought, He did not hurry home, and I enjoyed clean air frost pm, pours through the winter mist pink rays on their roofs of houses, seductive shining of shops and confectionery; sometimes raised his eyes to the true poetry of emotion, He came across with some pink hat and, confused, izvinyalsya; insidious Pink hat angry, - then I peered under his cap and, after a few steps, I turned around, as if waiting for an apology secondary; vainly! The young officer was very slow-witted!.. But more often he would stop, so take a look through the whole store or a candy store window, shining lights marvelous and magnificent gilding. Long, fixedly, enviously I looked at the various items, - and, his senses, with a deep sigh and hardness stoically went on his way; - the most terrible of his tormentors were cabs, - and he hated cabs; 'Holding! where you go? - do you want to submit? - to submit, with the!"It was torture of Tantalus, and it is in my heart deeply hated cabs.
Later, with the Ascension of the bridge and turn right going along the ditch,1 Suddenly he hears a shout: "beware, go!.."Right on the bay it was flying trotter; because the driver flashed white plume, and waved collar gray overcoat. - As soon as he had time to raise his eyes, so a shaft was against his chest, and pairs, clubs taking off from the nostrils runner, He pours over his face; Mechanically he seized hold of the shafts and at the same moment a strong gust of horses was thrown a few steps toward the sidewalk ... resounded around: «strangled, strangled », cabbies chased troublemaker, - but the white plume just flashed before their eyes and was gone.
When the official came, pain he never felt, but his knee is still shaking from fear; he got up, I leaned on the railing of the ditch, trying to come to his senses; bitter thoughts took possession of his heart, and from that moment he brought up all the hate, to which his soul was capable, with cab drivers at bay trotters and white plumes.
Meanwhile white plume and bay trotter swept along the channel,2 We turn onto Nevsky, Nevsky with a caravan, thence Simionovsky Bridge, then right on Fontanka - and then stopped at the entrance of the rich, with a canopy and glass doors, Brilliant with copper lining.
- Well, sir, - said the coachman, broad-shouldered man with a bushy red beard, - Vaska now shown himself!
It must be noted, that the coachmen of their favorite horse always called Vaska, even against the wishes of the masters, endows it with great names of Achilles, Hector ... it will still be for the driver not Achel and Nektorov, and Vaska.
tears officer, Trotter patted steaming up the steep neck, He smiled gratefully and went up the stairs to the brilliant; - about crushed by clerk was not even a hint ... Now, when he took off his coat, zakydannuyu snow, and he went up to his office, we are free to go after him and describe his appearance - unluckily, not attractive; He was small in stature, broad shoulders and general neskladen; He seemed strong addition, incapable of sensitivity and irritation; his gait was somewhat cautious to cavalryman, his gestures were jerky, though often they showed too lazy and careless indifference, which is now in vogue and in the spirit of the century, - if it is not a pleonasm. - But through this cold crust broke part of this human nature; it was clear, that he should not have universal fashion, and he clenched his thoughts and feelings of distrust or of pride. The sound of his voice was that are thick, the cutting, In spite of the influence of the current minute; when he wanted to talk nice, then I began to falter, and suddenly I was finishing a caustic joke, in order to hide his own embarrassment, - and in the light of alleged, that the language of his evil and dangerous ... because the light does not stand in the circle of his strong personal, amazing, nothing, what could convict character and will: - light need French vaudeville and Russian submission alien opinion. His face was swarthy, wrong, but the full expression, It would be interesting to Lafatera3 and his followers: They would read it deep traces of the past and the future of the wonderful promises ... the crowd told, that in his smile, In his country, the brilliant eyes, there is something ...
In conclusion, I will say a portrait, he called Grigory Pechorin, and between the family simply Georges, in the French style, and that, moreover, he was 23 of the year, - and that his parents were 3 thousands of souls in Saratov, Voronezh and Kaluga Province, - Recently, I add, to slightly brighten his appearance in opinion rigorous readers! - guilty, I forgot to include, that George was the only son, excluding sisters, 16-year-old girl, which was very pretty and themselves, According to mama (papa really did not exist), I did not need a dowry and could take a high degree of social, with the help of God and a pretty face and a brilliant education.
Grigory, logging into your account, He fell in a wide armchair; the waiter went and reported it, what, say, lady deigned to go to dinner on a visit, and sister so deigned to dine ... "I'm not going to dinner, - was the answer: I had breakfast!.."He went up boy of thirteen red Cossack coat, sharp-eyed, Belenky, and seemingly a large rogue, - and gave, without a word, business card: Pechorin casually put it on the table and said,, who brought.
- This young lady came today with her husband, - posted Fedka, - and ordered this card file Tatyana Petrovna (so called mother Petchorin).
- Why did you bring her to me?
- Yes, I thought, it's all the same, with!.. May be, you please read?
- I.e, you want to know, What is written here.
- Yes, with, - These gentlemen never before have we had not.
- I love you too spoiled, - he said in a stern voice Petchorin, - Kick some me the phone.
But this business card, it is seen, had property excite curiosity ... For a long time George did not dare to change a comfortable position on the wide armchairs and lend a hand to the table ... though there were candles in the room - it was lit reddish flame fireplace, and to order the lodge fire and upset charming chimney effect lighting he also did not want to. - But curiosity prevailed, - he got up, I took the card and with some strange expectation excitement brought her to the grate ... on it was printed in Gothic letters: Prince Stepan Stepanыch Lyhovskoy, the princess. - He turned pale, I shuddered, his eyes sparkled, Card and flew into the fireplace. For three minutes he paced back and forth in the room, making all kinds of strange movements with his hand, various exclamations, - the smiling, the frowning; Finally he stopped, He grabbed the tongs and rushed to pull the card out of the fire: - alas!! One half of it turned into ashes, and the other curled up, blackened, - and on it as soon as it was possible to make out Stepan Step ...
Pechorin put the mortal remains of the table, He sat back in his chair and buried his face in his hands - and even though I am very well read motives of the soul on his face, but for this very reason I did not tell you his thoughts. In this position, he sat quarter of an hour, and suddenly he heard a rustle, such easy steps, noise dresses, or the movement of a sheet of paper ... even though he did not believe ghosts ... but winced, quickly looked up - and saw before me in the darkness that<-то> white and, it seemed, air ... for a moment he did not know, what to think, so far were his thoughts ... if not of the world, then at least from the room ...
- Who is it? - he asked.
- I! - I posted enforced contralto - and female laughter rang out.
- Barbara! - What do you minx.
- Have you slept!.. awful fun!..
- I should like to sleep. it is calmer!..
- It's a shame! - why we at balls, in societies so boring!.. All of you are looking for peace of mind ... what kind young men ...
- And let me ask, - George said with a yawn, - from what is good, we are obliged to amuse you ...
- Because, we ladies.
- Congratulations. But without you, we are not boring ...
- I know why!.. And we will talk to each other?
- Fashion, news ... Is it not enough? Confiding to each other your secrets ...
- What secrets? - I have no secrets ... all the young people are so unbearable ...
- Most of them are not accustomed to female society.
- Let him get used to - they do not want to try!..
Georges important rose and bowed with a mocking smile:
- Varvara, I notice, that you go with long strides in posveschenny temple.
Varya blushed and pursed pink lips ... and her brother sat quietly in his chair again. Meanwhile filed candles, and while Barbara gets angry and knocks her finger at the window, I will describe you the room, where we are. - She was together and study and lounge; and are connected by a corridor to the other part of the house; French pale blue wallpaper covered the walls ... its glossy oak door with fancy handles and oak frames of the windows shown in the human host honest. Drape over the windows was in the Chinese style, but at night or when the sun hits the glass, sank crimson curtains, - sharp contradistinction with the color of the upper chamber, but showing some love to a strange, the original. Against the window stood a desk, covered kipoyu pictures, securities, books, different types of ink and fashion details, - on the one side of it stood a tall trellis, twined impenetrable mesh of green ivy, on the other chair, where George was sitting on the floor ... they spread under him was a carpet, razrisovannyj pestrymi arabesque; - other Persian rug hanging on the wall, standing opposite the windows, and on it was hung guns, Two Turkish guns, Cherkessian checkers and daggers, gifts to co-workers, pogulâvših when-to the Balkans ... 4 on the marble fireplaces Stoa three alebastrovye karikaturki5 Paganini, Ivanov and Rossini ... the rest of the walls were bare, round and wide sofas lined them, upholstered in crimson wool damask colors; - one single picture attracted the eyes, it hung over the door, leading to the bedroom; she portrayed the unknown man's face, wrote an unknown Russian artist, man, who did not know of his genius, and that no one has bothered about it hint. - This picture was fantasy, deep, mrachnaya. - The person it was written directly, without any artificial mood or turnover, light fell from above, dress was roughly sketched, dark and bezotchetlivo, - thought, the whole idea of ​​the artist focused in the eyes and smile ... head was larger than life, upadana hair smoothly on both sides of the forehead, which is round and strong and issued, it seemed, had his device something unusual. Eyes, going ahead, shone so brilliantly terrible, which sometimes shine bright eyes through the slits black mask; searching and reproachful beam them, it seemed, I followed you to all corners of the room, and smile, stretching the tight and pursed lips, It was more contemptuous, than mocking; every time, when George looked at this head, He saw in it a new expression; - she became his companion in moments of loneliness and dreams - and he, As partisans Byron, I called her portrait Lary.6 - Comrades, he showed her with delight, They called it a decent picture.
meanwhile, as long as I have described Account, Barbara gradually move up the table, then came closer to her brother and sat over against him on a chair; in her blue eyes was quietly or even spark a moment of anger, but she did not know, you resume the conversation. She got under the hand polusgorevshaya business card.
- What it is? Stepan Step ... A! it, right, we have now has been Duke Ligovskaia!.. As much as I wanted to see Vera! Married, - she was so kind ... I heard yesterday, that they had come from Moscow!.. Who burned the card ... It would be necessary to file a mama!
- seems, I, - posted Georges, - lighting his pipe!..
- Perfectly! I would have wanted, to Vera knew it ... it would be very nice!.. So, sir, your heart is changeable!.. I will tell her, I say - certainly!.. However, not! Now it should be anyway!.. She's married!..
- You judge very sensible for your age!.. - I answered her brother and yawned, without knowing, what to add ...
- For my age! What I am for the child! mama says, that girl 17 years as sensible, the man in 25.
- You're doing very well, that listening to mama.
This phrase, apparently similar to the praise, It seemed to sneer; thus again consent was upset, and they were silent ... The boy went and brought a note: an invitation to the ball to Baron P ***.
- What a bore! - said Georges. - Must go.
- There will be a mademoiselle Negouroff!.. - retorted ironic tone Barbara. - She still yesterday you asked about!.. What her eyes! - lovely!..
- How UHL, in the furnace-hot!..7
- However, confess, wonderful eyes!
- When your eyes are praised, it means, the rest is worthless.
- Laugh!.. And he is not indifferent ...
- Let.
- I tell Vera!..
- Do you have long been assured, I'm for it - still!..8
- Believe, I'd rather say it in Russian - I do not Monastyrka.
- ABOUT! Not at all! - very far…
She blushed and walked away.
But I must warn you, it was a black day for them ... they usually lived very amicably, and especially Georges sister loved most tender brotherly love.
The last hint of mademoiselle Negouroff (so we'll call her later) Pechorin made to reflect; Finally sudden thought flew him over, He pulled the inkwell, I took out a sheet of notepaper - and began to write something; as long as he wrote, often smug smile appeared on his face, eyes sparkled - in a word, it was very fun, as a man, who invented something extraordinary. - Having finished the letter, He put the paper in an envelope and wrote: gracious state<ударыне> Elizabeth Lvovna Negurovoy into their own hands; - then I clicked Fedka and told him to carry on the urban post - so that none of the people did not see. small Mercury,9 proud of the great power of attorney to Mr., arrow rushed to the shop; but Pechorin gave orders for the sleigh and after half an hour had gone to the theater; but on this trip he was not able to knock down any official.

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