Part I-I
Chapter I

day was fading; purple clouds, protyahyvayas in West, barely missed the red rays, the tiles are reflected in the towers and colorful chapters monastery. Ringing for vespers; Monks and a clerk walked up and down the flagstones, leading from the cells into the temple Archimandrite; long, black mantle rustling Neaten dust followed by; and they pushed the worshipers with an air of importance, as if it was their primary position. Under the shroud of smoky incense candles flickering flames seemed dim and red; pilgrims crowded around the pillars of crude, and deaf, solemn rustle of the crowd, repeated vaults, show, that the service has not started yet.
At the gates of the monastery was a different picture. A few beggars and crippled pilgrims expected mercy; they argued, branilisʹ, divided copper money, which rang in the big homespun bags; they were men, rejected by nature and society (Only in this case the company is in accordance with nature); they were men, died from a lack or excess of hope, personified reproach Providence; creation, deprived of the right to demand of regret, because they do not have any virtue, and not having any virtue, because I have never met regret.
Their clothes were images of their souls: black, torn. The rays of the sunset stayed on their heads, shoulders and bony knees bent; deepening in the people seemed blacker than usual; each on his forehead was written the letters eternal misery! - at least the slightest sign, The residue was separated slightest pride in the eyes or a smile!
In the crowd of beggars he had one - he does not interfere in their conversation and looked fixedly at the holy gates painted; he was a hunchback and bowlegged; but members of his firm and seemed accustomed to the works of this shameful state; his face was long, Smug; straight nose, fleecy hair; his broad forehead was yellow as the forehead scientist, how gloomy cloud, covering the sun in the storm day; blue vein crossed his irregular wrinkles; lips, thin, pale, stretchability and compressibility were some convulsive movement, and shone in the eyes of the whole future; his companions did not know, who he was; but the power of the soul is found everywhere: they were afraid of his voice and eyes; they respected him some greatest flaw, not boundless misfortune, Demon - but not human: - it was ugly, disgusting, but it frightened them; in his eyes there was so much fire and mind, so unearthly, what are they, not daring to believe their expression, respected the stranger wonderful cheater. It seemed to him no more 28 years old; his face reflected constant mockery, bitter, endless; magic circle, concludes the universe; his soul has not lived really, but he gathered all his strength, to cram life and time before break into eternity; - beggar stood back and saw the devil, shown faded inks communication. gates, and inwardly regretted it; he thought: If I were the devil, I would not have tortured people, and have despised them; whether they are, to seduce their exile paradise, god's opponent!.. Another thing people; to end the contempt, he should start with hatred!
And his eyes shone under the restless eyebrows, and thin cheeks were covered with red spots: everything was according to the terms of a beggar: one passion belonged to his heart, or, it is better, he owned odnoyu only passion, - but quite!
"Christ's sake, his, - Pogorelov, cripple, blind ... for Christ's sake penny!"- the cry of his comrades; he started, I turned around - and at that moment decided his fate. - What he saw? Russian nobleman, Boris Petrovich PALITSYNA. Not more.

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Mikhail Lermontov
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  1. Lookelcob

    «Wadi?m "- an unfinished novel by Mikhail Lermontov, created in the period of 1832-1834 years. At the heart of the novel - "titanic conflict between the individual and society, story of revenge character of trampling it civil and human dignity "