humans and passions (People and Passions)


Thee only inspired,
I wrote sad line,
Not znav no glory, no praise,
Not thinking about the crowd despicable.
One thee poet lived,
Skryvayuchi chest rebellious
the suffering of many, years,
their dreams, your way of delicate;
Spite warring fate
He had only one thing in the subject:
Whole soul to devote to you,
And no one else in the world!..
His love is rejected you,
Not paying stradane.
Before you let these sheets
Sheets will be an excuse.
Look - he's here with his pen
He recalled the dreams of the past.
And if you do not fall in love again,
You, may be, sigh about it.


Martha I. Gromov - 80 years old.
Nikolai Mikhailovich Wolin - 45 years old.
Yuri Nikolayevich, his son - 22 years old.
Vasily Mikhailovich Wolin, brother Nikolai Mikhailovich - 48 years old.
Love, Eliza - cellordering 1) – 17 years old, 2) – 19 years old.
Zarutsky, the young officer - 24 years old.
Daria, gornishnaya Thunder - 38 years old.
Ivan, Yuri servant.
Vasilisa, maid 2 ladies.
servant Wolin.
(The action takes place in the village of Thunder.)

Act One

Phenomenon 1

(It stands on tea table, samovar and cups.)
Daria . what, Ivan, Whether you went to the cellar? There, they say, zamoklo everything from yesterday's rain ... But have you seen, where Yuri Nikolayevich?
Ivan . Went, Mother Daria G., - frayed and everything ought to - and gentleman, I have not seen - vish you - he, right, I went to the priest the top. Case ordinary. Who does not want to be his own father - he travels to foreign lands, so tricky ... Do you know if, mother, soon we are a young gentleman will go or not? Would you rather just with him?
Daria . I heard, the lady told, that next week. For something and Nikolai Mikhailovich with his whole family rolled here - yes, Do you know, here's Christ, - since, they came here, ever since (I know it's so hard, as that, I have five fingers on a hand), - I have two silver spoons were missing. You do not believe?
Ivan . How not to believe, mother, if you say. However, the railway is a wonder - after all, you all Priepert - should be more than adept, to podtibrit two silver spoons. Yes! Here what you will save watch and give us less salary and of clothes and all that you want - and how every day but every day of loss, so no help ...
Daria . It's all the fault on me let me, I - God knows - so faithfully served Martha Ivanovna, that can no longer be. Let these - God forgive me my sin - in the house are treated, and I became missing - I say. much criticized, scolded! (Pretending to be a mourner.)
Ivan . And you can ask, why the lady at odds with Nicholas Mihalych? would seem not why - close relatives ...
Daria . not why? How not why? Wait - I told you this whole thing is something to tell. (He sits down.) you see you: I was a little girl, how Marya Dmitrevna, our daughter Boyarina, died - Leave a son. All cried like crazy - our lady most. Then she asked, to leave her grandson Yurya Nikolaitch, - father at first did not agree, but finally it ulakomili, and he, leaves sыnka, and even went to his otchinu.1 finally occurred to him to come to us - and some rumors and came from good people, he takes us Yurya Nikolaitch. But from this since they are at odds - more ...
Ivan . But how well-hundred for it, you can get angry? To my mind, so my father always free to take his son - it's his property. Good, that Nikolai Mikhailovich so good, he had compassion on his mother-in-sorrow, and the other would not have done that - and would not leave his creation.
Daria . Yes, I would look, he would bring up his, - it in itself to live almost nothing - even though he was in critical narahtitsya lyudi.2 How would he pay for it for four thousand a year for the training of different languages?
Ivan . E-sources! my mother! There is a proverb in Russia: foolish son is not to help the wealth. What these teachers. smart cars, so all the clever, but as a fool, so all in vain.
Daria (with a smile). But I see, and you stand up for Nikolai Mikhailovich - it, it is seen, you lures, serdeshny; is that something you, good, good.
Ivan (to the side). On their own judges. (Proudly) I always intercede for the right side and put on all the servants, who knows, that I had never been to lure.
Daria . And you leave our mistress. Good, OK, Ivan (stamping his foot), - so I stay with her alone, attached to her with all my heart, - poor lady (pretending to be a mourner,).
Ivan (to the side). Aspid!

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