WITH. BUT. Bakhmetev (July - early August 1832 r. From Tver to Moscow)

Your Atmosferatorstvo!
dear madam,
Sofia, daughter Alexandrova!..
Your servant Michael vsepokorneyshyy, St. George's son, brow beats you.
The thing is, I find in terrible anguish: carter goes quiet, straight road, as a stick, on Quaternary stink, pen and defilement!..
seems pretty, to exhaust the patience of job, like my.
What are you doing?
Is Alexander arrived, Mikhailov daughter, - and some of her speech? All write - but my writing is no one.
Shaken up because me and my cousin to the better half did not write - but not enough for you; excuse my weakness!..
To St. Petersburg, with both saying goodbye:
servant your M. Lerma.
I beg to witness my humble homage aunt and all the household.

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Mikhail Lermontov
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