E. BUT. Arsenieva (10 May 1841 g. From Stavropol to St. Petersburg)

dear grandmother,
I'm just arrived in Stavropol, and I write to you; I went with Alexei Arkadievich, and terribly long riding, the road was very badly, Now I do not know myself yet, where are you going; it seems, first go to Shura castle, where the regiment, and then I try to water. I, thank God, healthy and calm, if only you were so calm, like me: alone and wish; pozhalusta, Stay in St. Petersburg: and for you and for me to be better in every way. Tell Ekimov Shangireyu, I do not advise him to go to America, he possessed, but it's better here in the Caucasus. It is closer and much more fun.
I hope everything, dear grandmother, I still come forgiveness, and I can retire.
Farewell, dear grandmother, I kiss your arms and pray to god, you to be healthy and calm, and I ask your blessing. –
I stay n<окорный> grandson Lermontov.

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Mikhail Lermontov
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