Swan - Yesenin

From the forest, dark forest,
Podыmalasy Krasna zoryushka,
Scattered clear rainbow
Purple lights rays.

Lit up with a bright flame
pine old, the mighty,
Decked mesh softwood
The bedspreads zlatotkanye.

A range of dew pearl
Streaked with red sequins,
And over the lake silver
Rushes, leaning, whisper.

This morning, with the sun
Much of the dark thickets Do
coming, if zorenka,
The snow-white swan.

Behind gang Slim
Move lebezhatushki.
And fragmented mirror reflection
On the emerald rings.

And there he quietly works,
Whether in the middle of the lake,
Jet far been laid
Dark and wide ribbon.

White swan swam
On the other side Razdolnaya,
Where to silent backwaters
The nearby grass shelkovaya.

Off the coast of the green,
Gentle tilting head,
whispered lily
With Brooks tihozvonnymi.

Like the swan began to call
Its small lebezhatushek
Walk on the meadow pestreyuschy,
Nibble grass fragrant.

out lebezhatushki
Teasing grass muravushku,
And silvery dewdrops,
like pearls, shower.

A range of colors Azure
They gave forth a wave spicy
AND, as guests chuzhedalnie,
Smiling cheerful day.

And we walked small kids
On a wide expanse,
A snow-white winch,
Keeping an eye, Coming of Age.

Whether kite flying grove,
Or a snake crawling plain,
Gaggle swan white,
Convening small detushek.

bury lebezhatushki
Whether under the mother's wing,
And when the storm is hiding,
Again, run quickly.

But not sensed swan,
No eye has issued doblestnыm,
That the golden sun
Approaching cloud of black -

The young eagle under a cloud
It spreads wings mighty
And throwing lightning eyes
On the endless plains.

He saw in the dark forest,
On the hill in the cleft,
Like a snake in the sun crept
And platted in the ring, Grelle.

And like an eagle with malice
As an arrow on the ground to rush,
But he saw the snake
And under bump hiding.

With a wave of his wings under the cloud
He straightened his sharp claws
AND, production podzhidayuchi,
Measurement of airborne spread-eagle.

But his eyes eagle
We spotted a distant steppe,
And the lake wide
He saw a white swan.

Terrible mighty swing wing
Drove sedoe cloud,
And eagle, as a black dot,
He began to descend to the ground rings.

At this time, the white swan
I looked back surface of the mirror
And the sky is reflected
I saw long wings.

startled swan,
cried lebezhatushkam,
Collect small kids
And under the wings buried.

And eagle, vzmahnuvshi wings,
As an arrow on the ground rushed,
And dug sharp claws
Right in the neck swan.

He spreads his wings white
The snow-white swan
And half dead legs
Pushed small detushek.

Kids ran to the lake,
We rushed in dense thickets,
And the eyes of their native mother
Bitter tears rolled.

A sharp eagle claws
She tore her tender body,
And flying white feathers,
like a splash, extensively.

Flickered softly lake,
Rushes, leaning, whisper,
And under the green hummocks
bury lebezhatushki.

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