Fedorino upstairs – Korney Chukovsky


The sieve runs through the fields,
A trough in the meadows.

Behind the broom shovel
Along the street went.

Axes, axes
So they pour from the mountain.
Scared goat,
Got her eyes wide:

«Что такое? Почему?
I won't understand anything ".


But, like a black iron leg,
Ran, the poker jumped.

And knives rushed down the street:
"Hey, hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on!»

And the pan on the run
Screamed at the iron:
"I am running, running, running,
I can not resist!»

So the kettle is running after the coffee pot,
Taratorite, taratorite, rattles ...

Irons are running quacking,
Through puddles, jump over puddles.

And behind them saucers, saucers -
Tink-la-la! Tink-la-la!

They rush along the street -
Tink-la-la! Tink-la-la!
On glasses - tink!- bump into,
And the glasses are tink!- break.

And runs, buzz, the frying pan knocks:
"Where are you going? where? where? where? where?»

And for her forks,
Glasses and bottles,
Cups and spoons
Galloping along the path.

A table fell out of the window
And went, went, went, went, go ...

And on it, and on it,
Like riding a horse,
Samovarische sits
And shouts to his comrades:
"Go away, run, save yourself!»

And into an iron pipe:
“Boo-boo-boo! Boo-boo-boo!»


And behind them along the fence
Grandma Fedora is riding:
"Oh oh oh! Oh oh oh!
Come back home!»

But the trough answered:
“I'm angry with Fedor!»
And said the poker:
"I am not Fedor's servant!»

And the porcelain saucers
They laugh at Fedora:
"We never, never
We won't come back here!»

Here Fedorin's cats
Dressed up their tails,
We ran at full speed.
To turn back the dishes:

"Hey you, stupid plates,
What do you ride, like proteins?
Should you run outside the gate
With yellow sparrows?
You will fall into a ditch,
You will drown in a swamp.
not walk, shoot,
Come back home!»

But the plates curl, curl,
And Fedora is not given:
“We'd better be lost in the field,
But we won't go to Fedora!»


The chicken ran past
And I saw the dishes:
"Kud-kuda! Kud-kuda!
Where are you from and where?!»

And the dishes answered:
“It was bad for us with a woman,
She did not love us,
She was, she was us,
Dusty, smoked,
She lost us!»

“Who-who-who! Who-who-who!
Life was not easy for you!»

"Yes,- uttered a copper basin,-
Look at us:
We're broken, beaten,
We are doused with slops.
Look into the tub -
And you will see a frog there.
Look into the tub -
Cockroaches are swarming there,
That's why we are from a woman
Ran away, like a toad,
And we walk through the fields,
Through the swamps, in the meadows,
And to the slob-zamarah
We won't go back!»


And they ran in the woods,
Rode over the stumps and over bumps.
And the poor woman alone,
And crying, and she cries.
A woman would sit at the table,
Yes, the table has gone outside the gate.
Would a woman cook cabbage soup,
Yes, go and look for a saucepan!
And the cups are gone, and glasses,
Only cockroaches are left.
Ой, up Fedora,


And the dishes forward and forward
In the fields, walking through the swamps.

And the kettle whispered to the iron:
"I can't go further".

And the saucers began to cry:
"Isn't it better to return?»

And the trough burst into tears:
"Alas, I am broken, broken!»

But the dish said: "Look,
Who is that behind?»

And see: behind them from the dark pine forest
Fyodor walks around.

But a miracle happened to her:
Fedora became kinder.
Quietly follows them
And sings a quiet song:

"Oh you, my poor orphans,
My irons and pans!
You go, unwashed, домой,
I will wash you key.
I will brush you with sand,
I will give you boiling water,
And you will again,
Like the sun, shine,
And I will lead the filthy cockroaches,
I will sweep the Prusaks and spiders!»

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