Together they loved – Joseph Brodsky

Together they loved
sit on the side of a hill.
From there they could see
church, gardens, jail.
From there they saw
overgrown pond.
Сбросив в песок сандалии,
they sat together.

He put his arms around his knees,
they looked at the clouds.
Down at the cinema crippled
waiting for the truck.
Shimmered on the bank slope
near the brick bushes.
Over the pink spire of the bank
crow curled, shouting.

Cars were driving in the center
to the bathhouse on three bridges.
The bell was tinkling in the church:
the electrician got married there.
And here on the hill it was quiet,
the wind refreshed them.
Not a whistle around, not a shout.
Only the mosquito buzzed.

The grass was trampled there,
where they always sat.
Black spots everywhere -
left their food.
Cows are always this place
wiped with their tongue.
Everyone knew it,
but they did not know about.

Cigarette butts, spike and fork
were covered with sand.
Blackened in the distance the bottle,
Hearing barely a moo,
they went down to the bushes
and dispersed in silence -
as we sat there.

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