Don't leave the room, не совершай ошибку – Joseph Brodsky

Don't leave the room, не совершай ошибку.
Why do you need the Sun, if you smoke Shipka?
Everything behind the door is meaningless, especially - a cry of happiness.
Just go to the restroom and come back immediately.

ABOUT, don't leave the room, don't call the motor.
Because the space is made from a hallway
and ends with a counter. And if the live comes in
cutie, gaping mouth, drive out without undressing.

Don't leave the room; count, what blew you.
What is more interesting in the world of a wall and a chair?
Why go out of there, where will you return in the evening
the same, what were you, all the more mutilated?

ABOUT, don't leave the room. Dance, caught, bossanov
in a coat on a naked body, wearing shoes without socks.
The hallway smells of cabbage and ski ointment.
You wrote a lot of letters; one more will be superfluous.

Don't leave the room. ABOUT, let it only be a room
guesses, how do you look like. And generally incognito
ergo arrow, as the substance in the hearts noted.
Don't leave the room! Outside, чай, not France.

Do not be an idiot! Be the one, than others were not.
Don't leave the room! That is, give free rein to the furniture,
blend face with wallpaper. Lock up and barricade
wardrobe from chronos, space, eros, race, virus.

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