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Turkish Fairy tale

Long ago, in the city of Tiflis, I lived a wealthy Turk; Allah gave him a lot of gold, but more expensive than gold was his only daughter Magul-Mageri: good stars in heaven, but the stars are living angels, and they are even better, and Magul-Mageri was better than all the girls of Tiflis. There was also a poor Tiflis Ashik Kerib; Prophet has not given him anything, Apart from the high heart - and the gift of song; playing saaze (Turkish balalaika) and glorifying the ancient heroes of Turkestan, He walked on weddings to entertain the rich and happy; - on one's wedding, he saw Magul-Mageri, and they fell in love. Not only was the hope of the poor Ashik Kerib get her arm - and he became sad as the winter sky.

Here again he was lying in the garden under a vineyard, and finally fell asleep; at that time was passing Magul-Mageri with her friends; and one of them, seeing the sleeping Ashik (balalaeçnïk), behind and approached him: "What do you sleep under the vineyard, - she sang, - Wake Up, insane, Your gazelle misses "; he woke up - she fluttered away, like a bird; Magul-Mageri heard her song and began to scold her: "If you only knew, - she replied, - to whom I sang this song, you would have thanked me: This is your Ashik Kerib "; - "Lead me to it", - said Magul-Mageri; - and they went. When he saw his sad face, Magul-Mageri began to ask him, and comfort; "How can I not be sad, - posted Ashik Kerib, - I love you, and you'll never be mine ". - "Ask my hand of my father, - she said, - and my father play our wedding on their money and gave me so much, that we would get together ". - "Good, - he answered, - set, Ayan Agha did not regret for his daughter; but who knows, after that you will not reproach me in, I had nothing and you owe everything; - not, cute Magul-Mageri; I vow to put his soul; I promise 7 years of wandering around the world and to amass a wealth of, or perish in distant deserts; If you agree to this, then upon the expiration will be mine ". - She agreed, but added, that if the appointed day, he will not return, then it will become his wife Kurshud Beg, which had long been spoken for.

Ashik Kerib came to his mother; I took to the road her blessing, I kissed her little sister, hung over the shoulder bag, He leaned on his staff strannichy and left the town of Tiflis. And here it catches up with the rider, - it looks - it Kurshud Beg. "Good luck, - shouted him bey, - wherever you go, wanderer, I'm your friend "; Ashik was not pleased with his companion - but it has nothing to do; long they were together, finally caught sight of the river in front of him. our bridge, no board; - "Swim forward, - Kurshud Beg said, - I follow you follow ". Ashik threw off coat and swam; crossed, looking back - a mountain! O almighty Allah! Kuršud-bek, took his clothes, uskakal back in Tifliz, Only the dust wound him on the smooth field zmeeyu. Rode in Tiflis, Beck carries dress Ashik Kerib to his old mother: "Your son is drowned in a deep river, - he says,, - that his clothes "; in unspeakable grief the mother fell on the clothes and favorite son began to pour their hot tears; then he took them and carried to the betrothed his daughter in law, Mahul-shrew. "My son drowned, - she said to her, - Kurshud Bey brought his clothes; you are free". Magul-Mageri smiled and answered: "Do not believe, it's all nonsense Kurshud Beg; before the expiry 7 years no one will be my husband "; she took from the wall a GaAs and quietly began to sing a favorite song of poor Ashik Kerib.

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