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I want to tell you a story of a woman, you all seen and that no one of you did not know. You met her on a daily basis at the ball, in the theatre, for a walk, in her office. Now she has gone to the great world stage; her 30 years old, and she had buried herself in the village; but when she was only twenty, all Petersburg noisy studied it during the whole winter. This completely forgotten, and thank God! Because otherwise I could not print his story. In a society about it at that time was a lot of talk raznoglasnyh. The old woman talked about her, she cunningly and prelukavaya, friend - she preglupenkaya, rival - it predobraya, young women - that she was a flirt, and perfumed old smiling significantly at her name and did not say anything. I will add the strangeness. other spared, that a correct and lacking fresh beauty face, while others claimed, that although it is not good, but an inexplicable charm of expression in her face in lieu of all other faults. While her husband, fifty man, was the title of count and doubtful-a huge fortune. All this, it seems, pretty, to deliver the seductive young woman, the fleeting glory, for which they so eagerly chase, and for which some of them are so expensive to pay.
The details of my story may seem not very moral, but I promise you, that will be deep in it, moral implications, which does not escape from anybody, Is 18-year-old ladies - but they will not give my book; and if it is to them and will fall accident, I entreat them, After these lines close it and do not put it under the pillow at night, because of this are bad dreams. Young ladies as, reading these pages truthful, right, give justice to my descriptions and comments, remembering something like this in your life; but they, of course, that no one will say, whereas many young dandies will assure, that such adventures were with them a few days ago, whereas with most of them nothing can happen even. Almost all of them complain about the monotony in our social life, and forget, it is necessary to run the adventures, that they met; but in order, to chase after them, you have to be strong emotion or passion to have one of those restless, curious characters, who are ready to sacrifice their lives a hundred times, only to get the key very uncomplicated, apparently, riddles; but at the bottom there is a much, right, other, because everything in the world to us the mystery, and the, who thinks someone else to guess the heart, or know all the details of the life of his best friend, sorely mistaken. In any heart, in every sense of the life ran, flashed event, which no one nobody open, and they are a very important and there, they usually give some direction secret feelings and actions.
In our indifferent century curious and passionate people slightly; but about 10 years ago, there was one such oddball in St. Petersburg, and destiny, how deliberately, I put it in front of some strange woman, whose story I want to tell you.
Alexander Sergeyevich Arbenin was thirty years old - the age and maturity of strength for men, unless his youth is gone too turbulent and not too quiet. known, that the nature of the opposing causes often produce the same action: horse still falls at the feet of stagnation and from excessive drive.
Such was the young Arbenina!
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He was born in Moscow. Soon after his appearance in this world, his mother parted with his father for reasons unknown. Realizing all the gossip of the town, it was possible to make only one correct conclusion, namely that Sergey parted with his wife. Sasha remained in his father's arms. When he was a year, he was put to nurse and nanny in a carriage and taken to the village Simbirsk. Sergey he soon arrived there and settled in the habitation. This village is on the banks of the Volga. From the manor house on the slope of Mount orchard stretched to the river. The balcony were visible side steaming sat pratense, steppe bluish and yellow fields. spring, during the flood, River turns into the sea, dotted with wooded islands; for it flashed white sails of the barges, and in the evening we heard boatmen songs. The manor house was like all the aristocratic houses: wooden, mezzanine, painted with yellow paint, and built the courtyard was a one-story, long wings, sheds, stables and circled the shaft, where we rocked and sohli liquid willows; in the yard adorned with a swing; Sunday the servants crowded around them, and sometimes two maids sat on rotting board, hanging between two shady pitches, and two of the most accommodating footmen, holding one end of a thick rope, vzbrasyvali modest couple under clouds; boy was beaten to palm, When timid virgin started to scream, - and all of it was very fun. It should be noted, that swing among the master's yard - a sign of fatherly, good governance, and yet this is how good judge us foreigners: I recently read in the travel notes of a Frenchman, that we have against the manor usually sticks gallows. Frenchman remarked wittily, what is it, should be, abuse, for the death penalty in Russia destroyed. poor swing!..
Guys Arbenina mostly engaged in fishing. During a storm fishermen wife and daughter ran out crying on the beach; on hot summer days the peasant girls crowd bathed in the icy jets Volga; their blond braids flashed over the foam with moisture; their laughter was heard far. Winter girl maids came to sew and knit in the nursery, First of all, because the nurse was instructed Sasha female household, and secondly, to amuse the little barchonka. Sasha was a lot of fun with them. They kissed and caressed his vie, They told him stories about the Volga robbers, and his imagination was filled with the wonders of the wild courage and grim pictures and concepts protivuobschestvennymi. He no longer loves toys and began to dream. Six years already, he looks into the sunset, studded with rosy clouds, and wonder-sweet feeling really excited his soul, when the full moon shining through the window on his cot. he wanted to, someone to caress him, kissing, pryholubyl, but the old nurse hands were so stiff! Father it is not engaged, I hosted and went on the hunt. Sasha was preizbalovanny, presvoevolny child. He's seven years already knew how to shout at naughty lackey. By adopting a proud appearance, he was able to smile with contempt at the low flattery thick housekeeper. Meanwhile, all the natural tendency to fracture developed therein extraordinarily. In the garden, he continually broke the bushes and tore best <цветы>, put to sleep their tracks. He is a true pleasure and pressed the unfortunate fly happy, when a stone thrown them knocks the poor chicken legs. God knows, which direction it would take its character, if it had not come to the aid of measles, disease, dangerous at his age. He was rescued from death, but serious illness had left him in a completely relaxed: he could not walk, I could not lift spoons. Entire three years he remained in the miserable condition; and if he did not get on the nature of the iron body, the right to send to the light. the disease had important consequences and a strange effect on the mind and character of Sasha: he had learned to think. Unable to entertain ordinary pastimes of children, he began to look for them in itself. Imagination has become for him a new toy. Not for nothing are taught to children, that the fire should not play. but alas! No one suspected that hidden in Sasha fire, and meanwhile he wrapped the whole being a poor child. In continuation of painful insomnia, panting between hot pads, he was accustomed to overcome sufferings of the body, carried away by dreams of the soul. He imagined himself Volga robber among blue and icy waves, in the shade of dense forests, in the noise of battle, in night-end collision, at the sound of songs, Volga under the whistle of the storm. probably, that the early development of many mental abilities prevent his recovery.

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