Firstly, What is it and what are the Caucasian Caucasians?
Caucasian is a being half-Russian, semi-Asiatic; tendency to customs east takes advantage of him, but he is ashamed of it in front of strangers, that is, when visiting from Russia. He mostly from 30 to 45 years old; his face tanned and slightly pockmarked; if he is not captain, it really is true, Major. Real Caucasians you are on the line;1 for Gorham, in Georgia, they have a different shade; The State Caucasians are rare; they are mostly awkward imitation, and if you see this in between, is it only among regimental medikov.2
This amazing Caucasian man, worthy of all respect and uchastiya.3 Up 18 years he was brought up in the Cadet Corps and came out excellent officer; He quietly in the classroom reading "Prisoner of the Caucasus" and ignited a passion for Kavkazu.4 He 10 comrades was sent there at public expense with high hopes and a small suitcase. He has made himself at Petersburg ahaluk,5 got a shaggy Circassian cap and whip on the coachman. Arriving in Stavropol, He paid dearly for shoddy dagger, and the first days, until tired, it did not take off any day, nor nochyu.6 Finally he appeared to his regiment, which is located in the winter in some village, then I fell, properly, in the Cossack girl long before the expedition; everything is fine! how much poetry! Here we go on an expedition; our youth rushed everywhere, squealed where only one bullet. He thinks his hands to catch a couple of dozen mountaineers, He dreams of a terrible battle, rivers of blood and the general's epaulettes. He was in a dream makes knightly deeds - the dream, nonsense, the enemy can not see, fights are rare, and, to his great sorrow, Mountaineers can not stand bayonets, prisoners do not surrender, their bodies carried away. Meanwhile, the grueling summer heat, autumn slush and cold. dull! flashed five, six years: everything is the same. He acquires experience, gets cold is brave and laughing at beginners, who put his forehead unnecessarily.
Meanwhile, although his chest hung with crosses, and ranks neydut. He became gloomy and silent; sits back yes smokes from a small tube; it is also the freedom to read and says Marly, that very well; expedition he never begs: old wound hurts! Cossacks did not seduce, at one time he dreamed of captive Circassian, but now forgotten, and this is almost impossible dream. But it was a new passion, and then that he is present in Caucasians.
This passion was born that's what way: Recently, he became friends with a peaceful Circassian; I began to go to his village. Refined alien secular and urban life, he loved life simple and wild; not knowing the history of Russian and European politics, he became addicted to the poetic tradition of the people voinstvennogo.7 He understood well the habits and customs of mountaineers, I learned the names of their heroes, I remember Genealogical principal families. He knows, a prince of a reliable and a knave; someone with whom friendship and between whom and whom there is blood. He gently Marak Tatar; he started up sword, nastojaщaja kidney, 8 dagger - old bazalay, 9 gun finishing Trans-Kuban, excellent Crimean rifle, which he lubricates, Horse - pure Shalloh 10 the whole costume Circassian,11 which is put only in important cases and to make him a present of some wild princess. His passion to the entire Circassian reaches beyond belief. He is ready to interpret the whole day with a dirty Uzdenov about shoddy horse and rusty rifles and loves to initiate others into the mysteries of Asian traditions. With him were different incidents is most wonderfully, listen. When a newbie buys a weapon or a horse from his friend Uzdenov, he just smiles surreptitiously. About the Highlanders, he speaks like this: "Good people, Only too are Asians! Chechens, truth, trash, But really just great Kabardians; Well, there are people between Shapsugs hefty,12 Only with all Kabardinians they are not equal, no dress so fail, or horseback ride ... though purely live, very clean!»
It is necessary to have a bias Caucasian, to find something clean in the hut of the Circassian.
Experience long hikes are not taught him resourcefulness, typical of all the army officers; he plays the dandy of his carelessness, and habit to endure the inconvenience of military life, He carries with him only tea, and rarely cooked soup on his bivouac fire. He is still in the heat and in the cold wearing a frock coat and padded ahaluk color sheepskin cap; he had a strong prejudice against the overcoat in favor of the burqa; burka rigid ego, He draped it; rain pouring down collar, wind blows it - nothing! burka,13 renowned Pushkin, Marlinskim and portrait Ermolova, to come down from his shoulder, he sleeps on it and covers it horse; he embarks on various tricks and pronyrstva, to get a real Andean burka,14 especially white with a black border at the bottom, and then we look at each with some contempt. According to him, his horse gallops surprising - the distance! That's why he does not want you to ride only 15 miles. Although he was at times very heavy service, but he made it a rule to praise Caucasian life; He says anyone, which is very pleasant in the Caucasus Service.
But years running, Caucasians have 40 years old, he wants to go home, and if it does not hurt, sometimes it enters the thus: during a firefight puts his head for a stone, and puts his feet on the pension; there is an expression consecrated by custom. Beneficent bullet hits the leg, and he is happy. Resignation from the pension goes, he buys a truck, harnesses in it a couple riding nags and gradually sneaking home, but always stopped at post stations, to chat with Pass. meeting his, you could recognize at once, it's real, even in Voronezh, he does not remove the dagger or checkers, like they did not bother. Stationmaster listens respectfully, and only then retired hero dares to boast, invent a fable; in the Caucasus, he is humble - but then who does he prove in Russia, that the horse could not gallop one spirit 200 miles and that no gun would not take on 400 yards to the goal? but alas, Most of it he resigns his bones in the ground infidel. He marries rare, as if the fate of his wife and overburden, then he tries to go to the garrison, and ends his days in some fortress, where the wife protects it from disastrous for the Russian human habits.
Now two words about other Caucasians, not present. Georgian Caucasian differs from the present, that loves Kakheti and wide silk trousers. The State Caucasian rarely wears a suit Asian; he is the soul of a Caucasian, than the body: engaged in archaeological discoveries, talks about the benefits of trade with the mountaineers, the means to their subjugation and Education. Having served there for several years, he usually returns to Russia with the rank and red nose.

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