Tambov Treasurer

Play, Let not recoup.

Start up slыvu I staroverom,
I do not care - I'm glad:
I write size Onegina;
sing, friends, the old way.
I ask to hear this story!
Her unexpected denouement
approve, may be, you
Declination light head.
The custom of the ancient watching,
We beneficent wine
Verses non-smooth zapem,
And they will run, lame,
For my family peacefully
By the river of oblivion to rest.

Tambov on the general map
Circle signified not always;
He first city was disgraced,1
Now, right, at least where.
There are three streets straight,
And lights and bridge,
There are two restaurant there, one
Moscow, and the other to Berlin.
There are still four booths,
When these two policeman have;
The shape of salute you,
And change them twice a day;
In short, nice gorodok.2

but boredom, boredom, good god,
Gostiny there, both on the Neva,
Watered you with sweet poison,
Caresses callous hand.
And there's a stiff dandies,
inexorable pedants,
And there is no means of fools
And musical evenings;
And there's a lady - a miracle!
Diana in strict cap,
With the failure of the eternal on the lips.
If they can not think bad:
In the eyes of sinful read,
And you will condemn, curse.

Suddenly brightened circle of nobility;
Provincial virgins can not be found;
news came: polk ulanskij
In Tambov will hibernate.
continue, brother! Such enough ...
Col., right, unmarried, –
And Brigadier General,
Of course, It will give a brilliant ball.
In the eyes of their spouses flashed;
But, nesnosnye skupcy,
inexorable fathers
We came in thought: sabers, spurs
The trouble for colored floors ...
So worried the whole Tambov.

One day early in the morning,
In the hour of the best virgin sleep,
When through the veil of mist
Cna Edva prohlyadыvaet,
When a dome of the cathedral
Luxury Gold Aurora,3
AND, Silence known enemy,
Another silent tavern,
Lancers right in six
We entered the city; musicians,
Napping on their horses,
We played a march of two blind .4

Hearing the gentle neighing
Coveted black horses,
whose heart, full attention,
It's not leaped stronger?
Forgotten hot feather ...
"Malaga, fool, Catherine,
Most shoes and scarf!
To where Ivan? Which bag!
Year two joint otvoryayut ... »
Here the shutters wide open. the whole house
T dull glass cloth -
And curiously run
Eyes swollen girls
Rows of harsh, dusty persons.

'Brother, look here, cousin,
This!"-" Where is? Maj.?" - "ABOUT, not!
How good it is, and a horse - picture,
Yes, it is a pity, it, it seems, Cornet ...
How well, izbochilsya safely ...
Would you believe it, I had it ...
I then could not sleep ... "
Then maiden breasts
Scarf quietly raises -
And act out a dream
Slightly dark eyes alive.
But the regiment was. Followed by flashes
The crowd of boys town,
unwashed, noisy and bare.

Against Moscow hotels,
Den violent barbel,
Lived certain Mr. Bobkovskoy,
Old provincial treasurer.
Was the house built by his;
although nevzrachen, but peaceful;
Between two peeling columns
Held something like a balcony.
On the roof cracked boards
Moss green shoots;
Therefore, before windows Cvele,
Four clipped birch
Instead of curtains and lush Sided,
Innocent luxury dress.

The owner was surly old man
With a huge bald head.
From a young age with the amount of official
He lived, both with their own treasury.
In the gloomy depths of calculation
Wander was his hunting,
And because he was a player
(His only vice).
I loved the left and right
He's in a winter evening prometnut,
Fourth jackpot cross,
Rutorkoy pontirnut with glory,
And sometimes a bad hoist
Drink Tsymlyansk jet.

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Mikhail Lermontov
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