moral poem
Chapter I

Our age is ridiculous and pathetic, - all write
Him about the penalty, chain Yes exile,
About dark excitement of the soul,
And only hear flour so suffering.
These things are very good
Ago, who sleeps little, who likes to think,
Who kills his days in the memories.
I first fell in that weakness himself,
And seen from it only damage to the eyes;
But now I'm not that much, as it did, –
sing, laughing. - my hero good fellow.

He was my friend. With him I did not know the hassle,
With him feelings and shared the money;
He took a month, I gave through the years,
But I'm not in the least for being angry
And did no better in his turn;
you sad, happened, immediately say,
When oars, happy - the eye does not seem.
Not just out of boredom, he dreams
I checked and told me you ;
He praised me, that the other praised,
And there was my eternal counterpart in the frame.

He was my friend. I do not have such friends ...
World Your Heart, my dear Sasha!
Let it sleep in the land of other people's fields,
Not touched by anyone, how our friendship,
In the silent cemetery of my memory.
You died, like many, without noise,
But with firmness. mysterious Duma
Still wandering on your forehead,
When the eyes are closed in eternal sleep;
And that, What you said before his death,
of those who heard I did not understand any single.

And it was the only weapon hi native country,
Is the name of a friend left,
Or longing for the life of the young,
Or just shout the last illness -
How to solve? What could such an hour
fill the heart, has lived so much
And so long with vague anxiety?
One only one able to understand you
And now may, should tell
Your dreams, deeds and adventures -
Glupcam in entertainment, wise in the teachings.

Be patient, my dear reader!
Who would neither wast thou: Eve il's grandson Adam,
Do Razumnik, Whether young rascal, –
The picture will be; it is - only the frame!
by doing, approved antiquity,
I will not fail, - I respect strictly
all the old men, and there are now so many ...
Is it not true, who are not old to eighteen years,
the, right, I did not see the people and the light,
About enjoying knows only a rumor
And he was betrayed teachers so tantalizing.

our hero was a Muscovite, and that's why
I am the enemy of the Neva and Neva fog.
There (I have the whole world to witness take)
Fun bad Russian pocket,
Russian employment harmful to the mind.
There life is messy, empty and silent,
As the flat shore of Gulf of Finland.
Moscow - not the: as long as I live,
I swear, friends, Moscow does not fall out of love.
There I was the first time in the days of hope and happiness
I was sick of love and adultery.

Moscow, Moscow!.. I love you like a son,
As Russian, - much, ardent and gentle!
I love the sacred luster of your gray hairs
And the Kremlin gear, serene.
In vain thought alien lord
With you, century of Russian giant,
Pomeryatsya head and - deception
you overthrow. vain hit
thee a stranger: you flinch - he fell!
The universe was silent majestic ...,
One you are alive, our glory heir.

You are alive!.. You are alive, and your every stone -
Cherished devotion of generations.
Used to, I have a corner tower
I sit in the shade, and a ray of sunlight fall
Plays with moss in the fissure of crude,
And out of the nest, camouflaged cornice,
killer whales fly, on horseback, series
Kruzhatsя, twisted, alien people.
And I, so full of passion by the will,
Jealous of their lives ignorant,
As Hope freestyle, high places.

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Mikhail Lermontov
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