O’er the glad waters of the dark blue sea,
Our thoughts as boundless, and our souls as free,
Far as the breeze can bear, the billows foam,
Survey our empire, and behold our home.
The Corsair. L. Byron.


In the family I was born in an obscure
Under the sky of the north,
And sooner, early learned to
Humble efforts waves!
About a child will not speak.
I was presented the ocean,
As once the world, in those years
reckless courage, when
We do not care, earth or the sea,
Dear or strange house;
When we sing without joy,
AND, as a slave, we tread the mountain,
When we give everything for the sake of,
To breathe free air.

I was free in my dungeon,
In my half-dead prison;
I still have, that should be a bird:
Nest on the mast between the gear!
As I imagine being able to seem,
When the air rocked,
Holding stiffened arm
For il sail rope crude;
I was between the sky and the waves,
On the clouds and looking down,
And do not hesitate to, not shy,
AND, All the eyes okinuvshi,
I raced higher - about! Then
I was happy, Yes, happy, Yes!

Find me another fortune!
Family was left, I;
My blood began - sky blue,
The ship - became my homeland:
With him I had not parted,
I, both chains, the earth feared;
I did not know the account to a friend:
They are always crowded with us,
rolling track, ran,
Şumja, plainly, forward,
And we carried on the bosom of the waters,
It seemed, You want to ban;
But it was only a joke,
They did not make us ill.

I guessed they Movements,
I understood their conversation,
Lively and full of expression;
There was affection and reproach,
And there was that sound wonderful sonorous,
The howling of the wind and the sound of wood!
And every evening in front of me
They dress brocade,
How do people, We were proud;
fascinated, I started them
Pray, as gods sea,
And the old feelings raced off
With inconceivable rapidity
Before this dream a new one!..
World seductive and strange,
unprecedented world, but alive,
Brilliant together and foggy,
Then opened before me;
all lit up: without meaning
Between Tucek there was no movement,
And in the sea each wave
He was endowed with soul;
They were these mad summer!
But what? Shall was funnier
I those inexperienced people,
that, Desert light
wandering, think to find
Love and soul on the road?

All the senses are full of mystery flour;
And everyone cried, who loved:
whether he liked the waves
Or a woman's heart gave!
COVER penoyu rows,
As silver and pearls,
Carried proud wave,
surrounded by a crowd of servants;
So exactly virgin young,
He is proud between slaves,
Their modest requests, their gentle words
not listening, Not understanding!
But the maiden wither in silence,
A wave, waves all odne.

I admirer of their freedom!
As I have always loved soul
Their endless trips
God knows how and where;
And in the hour of silent sunset
Their gilded mane,
And this useless noise,
And this life without works, and thoughts,
Without a homeland and without a grave,
Without pleasure and without pain;
The monotonous sound of the,
Finally, all of these forces,
Eaten out,
To pay little to nothing!

How I love them defiant whisper
Before Flying Ship;
Their wild splash, upryamыy murmurings,
when a cliff, leaning brow,
All their efforts despises,
Do not they face, they hearkened not;
I love them roar and silence,
And this eternal war
On the other element, with clouds,
With the rain and tempest! How many times
On the ship, in the hour of danger,
When death flew over us,
I prayed to the creator in horror,
To my wins Ocean!

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