The sun sets behind the mountain,
Mist over the marsh dыmytsya.
So dear pillar
fly, leaning over Luke,
Two riders dashing flight.
One - tall and lean,
Gray mare gathering,
That hot impatiently,
That would keep one hand suddenly.
Small and broad-shouldered another.
Snoring shakes his long mane
Beneath it roan skakunok,
Bashkir steppes son happy.
tired riders. By foot
From head covered with ashes.
Horses priezzhennyh scale
They admire times
And we are to each other.
- Mongo, listen - right here!
It remains only three miles.
- Wait! Oh, these bridges!
Trembling and looked so slyly.
- Forward, Maoshka! only us
This adventure has destroyed,
After all, tomorrow at six o'clock apprenticed!
- Not, at seven! I myself read order!

But first you need to, reader,
Heroes show portrait:
Mongo - have fun and cornet,
Actresses treacherous admirer,
I was young the heart and soul,
Blithely believed a woman's affection
And your yard predlinny
Human honor and conscience of Meryl.
English was the breed -
Phlegmatic with brown mustache,
Dogs and he loved Porter,
Not doing it ranks,
Went unwashed all day,
He wore his cap askew;
He had a nasty landing:
Awkwardly bent beforehand
And he did not pull his legs to heel,
How should one patriot.
But if, cute, you Ride
See our Russian ballet,
That is true in chairs notice
His attentive eyeglass.
One of his first virgins
Nine days in succession meet,
On the tenth day it was forgotten, –
Since the crowd is mixed Volok.
All gestures, sighs, explanation
Nothing helps ...
And the flame of vengeance born
In his embittered soul.

Maoshka was the same rules:
He was too lazy to put in the law itself,
Home off duty leaving,
Although the house has been idle;
Sometimes he reasoned boldly,
But often it is not reasoned.
Riotous living imprint
Others noticed it;
Sorrows future deposit
I kept it in the heart of the young;
His peace is not embarrassed, –
That did not apply to him;
Ridicule fatal sting
Iron armor met
Over his self-esteem.
Words he weighed carefully
And the rash was affaires;
sometimes: sober - I lied shamelessly,
And it was silent - at feasts.
Character altogether useless
And for friends and enemies ...
Alas! My dear reader,
What should I do - he was gone!

Now he follows another
On a glorious feat, fatal,
Tormented drunk illness, –
Izgagoy tormented with fire.
Shelters bliss and cool,
Along the road to Peterhof,
Flash in a row from behind the fence
A variety of facades
And the roof of peaceful homes,
In the shadow of the mysterious gardens.
There's a restaurant ... and he is from everlasting
Called Red zucchini ,
And there - for the good of man
Built crazy house,
And there is a shelter humility
Young dancer found.
Pride and honor of the ballet scene,
On the content was:
N. N., landowner from Kazan,
Rich Volzhsky veteran,
without courtships, without recognition
Her innocence stripped.
- A friend of mine! I spoke to him:
You do not sit in his sleigh,
Dancer even I think to manage!
Well, where do you <…>

But let us quickly
We have our unruly fellows.
They stand in an empty alley,
Horses tied there,
And so, footpath lurking,
They are distant to the gate
hurry, like two thieves.
Twilight falls on the ground,
Through branch glimmer moonlight
And the play of plays
On smooth copper epaulettes.
Next I went Maoshka;
In the bushes crawled it, Circassians,
and carefully, like a cat,
He climbed over the fence.
Behind him Mongo our lanky,
Pleased etoyu leprosy,
I rolled somehow.
Well, evil! The first step!
Now my soul is at rest, –
The fate of the rest will complete!

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Mikhail Lermontov
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