Hajji Bow

great, bogat rural Djemat,
He does not pay tribute;
His wall - hand damask;
His mosque - on the battlefield.
Its availability sons
The fires of war hardened;
Their works are loud in the Caucasus,
The peoples of the Far and others,
And Russian heart never
Not passed their bullet.

The sky sultry day rolls,
From the cliffs of hot steam flows;
Eagle, motionless on the wings,
As soon darkens in the clouds;
Gorges immersed in a dream:
In the village there is only silence.
Aul alarmed empties,
And under the mountain, where the wind blows,
Where the flow of rock beats,
It is worth an attentive circle.
About what is in talks
Council dzhematskih Udal'tsov?
Whether they want to re-embark on the mountain
To catch alien herds?
Do not wait for Russian troop,
To the blood of delicious Guest?
Not, - just a pity and a shame
Visible in the sight Uzdenov.
Covered with other people's clothes,
He is sitting on a rock between them
Lezginets decrepit and gray;
And it pours its stream,
And round the eye of a brilliant
Sadly it sometimes leads.
The story of an old Lezgin
they all gave heed. He said:
"Three gentle daughter, three sons
I gave God for old age;
But the evil storm broke,
And the branches of the tree collapsed,
And I'm now one,
As a bare stump among the valleys.
Alas, I am old! my gray hairs
Whiter than snow of the peaks.
But sometimes in the snow
Tireless running water!..
Here, naezdniki Gemma!
Open daring me her!
Who knows Prince Bay Bulat?
Who will return me my daughter?
Caught her sister withered,
The uneven battle brothers fell;
In a foreign country two, and the youngest
Pierced with a bayonet in front of me.
he smiled, umiraya!
He faithfully mature, as a virgin paradise
To it came off before the end,
Waving rainbow crown!..
And so I went to live in the desert
With the last of his daughter.
I kept it, as a sacred;
All, that I had, was it:
I took with me only her,
Yes constant gun.
The cave with her, I settled,
Their native huts deprived;
By trouble, I soon learned to,
It has long been accustomed to will.
But the hour struck inevitable,
And the chick flew my tender!..
One night was deaf,
I slept ... Silently me
Waving green branches,
I sat my angel young.
suddenly I wake up: hear, whisper, –
And a faint cry, - and the horses' hoofs ...
Begu, and I see - under the mountain
Rushing with the speed of the rider,
Grabbing her in my arms.
I sent him my curse.
ABOUT, for what, second messenger,
I could not overtake them, my lead!
With bloody vengeance, Here - here hidden,
Exhausted avenge their shame,
I eked out over the mountains since,
as the serpent, crushed by the hoof.
And there is no rest for me
Since that painful day ...
Here, naezdniki Gemma!
Open daring me her!
Who knows Prince Bay Bulat?
Who will bring me my daughter?»

"I!"- said the black-eyed knight,
Gripping the dagger wide,
And in mute amazement
The crowd parted around.
"I know Prince! I decided to!..
Two nights here you wait for me:
Haji fearless did not sit down
Never the gift of a horse.
But if I'm not going to date,
Then my vow Forget,
And on my soul the prophet
you pray, Embarking on a journey ".

Vzoshla fireworks. Because of the fog,
In the sky blue,
The heads of the granite giants
Stand Up, topped with ice.
In the gorge awakened cloud,
How to Sail Pink, sulked,
And away on the sky.
Everything breathes in the morning. for ravine,
the slope, goes a step
Circassian on greyhound race horse.
Another lazy shining
hills dew drained.
With high cliffs, over by,
Bent wild vineyard;
His silver rain
Often showered with horse and rider:
Casually threw the reins,
Beautiful whip he waves,
And sometimes a song grandparents,
Leaning on the mane, zapevaet.
And further review of the mountain
Sadly the second song of the.

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Mikhail Lermontov
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