Eastern tale
part I

sad Demon, spirit of exile,
He flew over the sinful earth,
And memories of better days
Before him a dense crowd;
those days, when the light housing
he shone, pure cherub,
When running a comet
Smile affectionate greetings
I loved him to swap,
When through the eternal mists,
Poznan greedy, he watched
nomadic caravans
In the space abandoned by the stars;
When he believed in and loved,
Happy firstborn of creation!
I knew no malice, no doubt,
And it did not threaten the mind
Centuries of fruitless series of dull ...
And very, a lot ... and all
Remember he had no strength!

It has long been an outcast wandering
The world's desert without shelter:
Vosled century after century fled,
As for the minute Minutes,
monotonous succession.
Void vlastvuya ground,
He sowed evil without delight.
Nowhere is the art of his
He did not meet with resistance -
And evil is bored with him.

And over the tops of the Caucasus
Exile paradise flying:
Beneath it Kazbek, as a facet of the diamond,
Eternal snows shone,
AND, deep down blackening,
How to crack, dwelling snake,
He curled izluchisty Daryal,
And Terek, jumping, as a lioness
With the hairiness grivoy of hrebte,
Revel, - mountain and beast, and birds,
Whirling in the azure height,
Verb waters it hearkened;
And gold clouds
From southern countries, from a distance
Its north accompanied;
And rock the crowd closely,
Mysterious slumber full,
Above them bow their heads,
Watching flickering wave;
And the tower of the castle on the rocks
We looked menacingly through the fog -
At the gates of the Caucasus on the clock
giants guard!
I dik, and a teaser has been around
All God's world; but the proud spirit
Looked contemptuous eye
Creation of his god,
And on his forehead high
Not affect anything.

And before him a picture
alive beauty bloom:
Georgia luxurious Valley
Carpet stretched away;
Happy, lush end of the earth!
stolpoobraznye poplars,1
Zvonko-flowing streams
At the bottom of the colored stones,
And booths roses, where nightingales
singing beauties, unanswered
On the sweet voice of love;
Chinar bushy canopy,
Crowned with thick ivy,
Caves, where scorching day
Tayatsya robkye Helena;
And shine, and life, and the sound of sheets,
Stozvuchny voice says,
Breath of thousands of plants!
And half sensual heat,
And fragrant with dew
Always moistened the night,
And the stars bright, how eyes,
As the eyes of a young Georgians!..
But, Cold except envy,
Nature shine not filed
In breast barren exile
No new feelings, no new forces;
And that's it, that he saw before him,
He despised il hated.

high house, wide yard
The gray-haired Goodall currently built ...
Toil and tears it cost a lot
Obedient slaves for a long time.
In the morning on ramp adjacent mountain
From the walls of his shadows fall.
The chopped rock stage;
They are of the corner tower
Lead to the river, them flickering,
Pokrыta ʙeloju Darfuŕand,2
Princess Tamara Young
By Aragvi walks to fetch water.

Always silent valleys
I looked over the cliff a gloomy house;
But today big feast in it -
Draw Zvuchit́,3 and pour viéby -
Goodall betrothed his daughter,
The banquet, he called the whole family.
on the roof, strewn with carpets,
Bride sits between friends:
Amid the games and songs of their leisure
passes. distant mountains
Oh, the sun is hidden semicircle;
In the palm of your hand rhythmically banging,
They sing - and his tambourine
It takes young bride.
And here it is, with one hand
Whirling it above his head,
Then suddenly rush lighter birds,
will stop, - looks -
And her moist eyes shining
From under the jealous eyelashes;
The black eyebrow lead,
Then suddenly bend slightly,
And slide on the carpet, floats
Her divine foot;
And she smiles,
Fun for children Full.
But a ray of the moon, of moisture shaky
Slightly playing times,
Just eh compared with that smile,
What's up, as a youth living.

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Mikhail Lermontov
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