Boyar Orsha

Chapter I

Then burst her heart in one long shriek,
And to the earth she fell like stone
Or statue from its base o’erthrown.

During it there lived a
In Moscow Boyar Mikhail,
nicknamed Orsha. - Important san
Orsha gave John the Terrible;
He gave him to his hand,
Ring, heritage kings;
He gave him a happy moment
Sable coat from his shoulders;
On the day of Christ's resurrection
I kissed him on the mouth
And I promised the same day
Writing thirty royal villages
In order, to Orsha to the end
Not out of the palace.

But Orsha temper was gloomy:
He did not like the noise of the court,
When a trembling flatterers
Pinching the ends of the gray mustache,
I edited, oprichnina upset,
So John said the he:
"Reliability-king! Let me in
Home - I day by day
All older - can not even
Insult to avenge the enemy:
There are many servants in your palace.
Let me in! - my old house
On the steep bank of the Dnieper
Near the turn of the Lithuanian foreign
Acquire burial travoy;
Awake I'm here still at least a year,
He dogniet - and fall;
Let me bow to the Dnieper ...
There I was born - there to die!»

And he saw his old home.
Chambers of dark circles
He stopped in gold and silver;
Icon in the chasuble road
In diamonds, pearls, threaded
I hung in every corner of it,
And blossomed on the floor
Patterns of silk carpets.
But best of all the gifts of the king
Was a gift from God - Mlada daughter;
On it, he was thinking day and night.
In his eyes, she grew up
Crisp, innocent, cheerful,
coming holy flower,
Former living monument!
So sometimes among the ruins
birch grows: bride,1
Sweetheart of grave slabs
Play of whispering sheets,
And the cold wall
Her beauty is enlivened!..

Fog in the field and the dark,
One only lit window
The boyar house - like a star
Sometimes looking through the clouds.
The heavy gate clanged too,
Gloomy and empty wide yard.
here, experienced door locks,
With rattlesnake keychain
By wicket keeper came
And the eyes raised to the sky:
"And tomorrow be a big storm! –
He said the gray-haired old man crossing himself, –
Check this out, lightning in the distance
So it comes down to earth,
And White month, as a monk,
Wrapped in black clouds;
And the wind howls, if a beast.
Give a bunch of gold to me now,
With stables the best horse
Now Harness for me,
No, not otedu from porch
Nor for the darling of his father!»
So arguing with himself,
Krehtya, The old man went home.
Only barely rattle away
His keys - around Chambers
All quiet and dark again,
One only lit window.

Everything in the house is asleep - no one sleeps
His surly lord
At rest, a lush and large
On his bed of velvet.
Polusgorevshaya candle
Prior to nim, blazing and crackling,
Sometimes on each subject pours
What a strange twilight.
Hang over the bed image;
Their garments shine, their eyes
suddenly animated, look -
But nothing to compare this view?
He is incomprehensible and frightening
All living and dead eyes!
Boyar tormented longing;
too late. Under the window the river
Noise - and the storm at the same time
Snaps rain knocks on the window.
Blackens the shadow in all corners -
And - strangely - Orsha embraced fear!
He visited in battle, Though old,
Against the Poles and Tatars,
He had heard the king's formidable voice,
Met and eyes, in an evil hour:
Never mind his cool
Not weakened before disaster;
but then, - he whistled, and ascended
His favorite slave, Falcon .

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