Boyar Orsha

And said Orsha: "I'm bored,
All thoughts black odne.
Get a closer look at the bench,
And sadness scatter my speech ...
Perhaps, tale you begin
About the former golden days,
And I, remembering the old days,
Under the foundations of speech words tvoih ".

And on the bench sat Sokol
And it so he started:

"There was far away
In the thirtieth principality from here
The great and wise king.
Not in our young days, any old time
No one ever saw lush
his chambers, - and many days
The fun of his life flowed,
As long as the child has not grown up.

"The king was weak and frail and old,
A daughter fragile because the goods!
Her, as the best your diamond,
He hid from the eyes valiant;
And his daughter Princess
I watched a day so dark the night,
And kiss beauty could
Only migratory breeze.

"And the king of the three times a day
I went to look at his daughter;
But even think he suddenly in the dark night
glance, mladaya like sleeping daughter.
silver he took her key,
Boots, silk removed,
And here it comes in the tower,
Where hidden beauty-princess!..

"He went - in the parlor silence;
Daughter sleeping sweetly, but not one;
Leaning on her breast the head,
With her royal groom young.
And he angered the king then,
And he commanded without trial
Them together in a barrel of tar
And drove off in the blue sea ... "

And quickly on the lips of the slave,
It's like a secret struggle
At that time it was accomplished in,
A smile broke out - and then
He raised his eyes to heaven,
He sighed and fell silent. "Go, Falcon! –
He waved his hand trembling,
said lord, - an hour a
Tell a story to the end
About offended father!»

And the old man's wrinkles,
As the shadow of a cloud, slightly
Raced shade of black doom,
Alarmed and quick mind
Near foresaw a lot of trouble.
He lived: He knew the people and the light,
He evil could not be surprised;
Well good for a long time did not believe it,
I did not believe, just because,
I believed once the entire!

And it broke out in the rest of the forces,
He jumped with a soft bed,
Sable coat on shoulder
He threw - a candle in his hand,
And trembling is soon
By the parlor to his daughter.
stairs steep steps
Under the grave of his foot
Skrypyat - and twice candle
From the hands not dropped nearly.

He sees: nurse in a corner
He sits on an old trunk
And sleeping deeply, and sometimes
In the dream, he shakes his head;
it, foreboding enveloped,
For a moment he held his gaze
And by - but, You will hear the sound of,
The old woman awoke suddenly,
crossing, and than
Again I slept soundly,
AND, busy with his dream,
Again she shook her head.

Worth lord at the door
Svetlitsa his daughter,
And he put his keen ear
The castle - and thinks the old man:
"No! Immaculate my daughter,
And you, Falcon, you are a slave, snake,
for daring, his sly hint
Receive a fatal lesson!»
But then ... woe, of shame!
He can hear a quiet conversation!..

1-and the voice

ABOUT! Prognosis, Arseny my!
Yesterday you had a very different.
A day without me - and a moment with me?..

2-and the voice

Weep not be comforted ...! - the hour -
And the world will be nothing for us.
The stranger, but the near side
We will be happy odne,
And not a slave hug you
Among the midnight darkness.
Since, Do you remember, as a monk
I brought your father
She handed him her purse,
Since then, thoughtful, lonely,
Longing for freedom tomim,
But a gentle voice your
And shine angelic eyes
I chained my prison,
I came up with their native land
ever leave, but you!..
And soon I was in the woods of others
I found a dashing fellow,
fearless, solid, like damask.
Human law is not sacred to them,
War - their paradise, and the world - their hell.
I gave them the soul in pledge,
But you're my - and I'm rich!..

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Mikhail Lermontov
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