Angel of Death

Eastern tale
A Dedicated. M. AT.

You - you my humble gift,
My work is obscure and simple,
but the fiery, but inspired
Memories and - you!

I eked out my days, yearning
And at the heart of keeping your image,
But one thing I ask of you:
Whether the angel of death to me .

It appears to me in the hour of danger of suffering,
And let it be your kiss
The key to close bye
In a country of love, in another country!

Zlata East, Wonderland,
The country of love and lust,
Where shines Rose - Heaven daughter,
Where everything is abundant, but happiness;
Where the river is cleaner rolls,
Freestyle race clouds,
Lush evening burns,
And the world keeps the charm
those days, when the evil seal
Soul people, after the deadline prefer,
It was not obesslavlena,
Love you, Orient!
Who knew you, he forgot
their homeland; who saw
thy beauties, will not forget
Arrogant flame of their eyes
And no doubt will believe
Sad story of my.

There the angel of death; in the hour of danger
Past anguish and parting
He hugs us,
But his kisses are cold,
And the terrible sight of his eye
helpless victim; and unwittingly
It makes tremble,
And often heart hurts, painfully
Last breath to give him.
But before these people meeting
Seemed - sweet inheritance.
He knew the mysterious speech,
He knew how to comfort the eye,
And a storm of passion he humbled,
And he had power to
Sick soul somehow
For a moment, hoping to deceive!

Equal in all of the universe edge
He was a young angel;
For all, that only the dust of the earth,
I looked with contempt imperishable;
His arrival is blessed
I am breathing the heavenly silence;
Quiet rays shining,
As midnight star,
He sometimes lured mortals,
And followed it to the door of paradise
Crowds liberated souls,
And he was happy. why did
Now afflict his arms,
And kiss him - curse?

Near the coast
And the roaring ocean waves,
Under the hot air Hindustan
Blue in a long series of hills.
Last hill is high and terrible,
Gray rocks decorated
And away to sea; and it
Eagles yes hawks nest,
And fishermen are afraid of him
Drive at dusk the night.
Covered with wild bushes,
There is one cave on it -
Housing dragon - cool, dark,
the mind, deluded dreams,
What's up, whose purpose is not,
As the eyes of the unsaid
Cunning killer hi.
Her lamp - a full month,
With it, they say the sea waves,
And the holes are
Guard palms in a row.

Once upon a time there lived an exile,
newcomer, young Zora.
He was only on the ground wanderer,
People and the sky was driven.
He could be happy, but bliss
He looked up at the empty amusements,
He sought perfection in others,
And he - he was not better than them;
I was looking great in minute,
fearing hope, sorry
About tom, that was happiness false,
AND, becoming uselessly careful,
I believe no one dared.
He loved the night, freedom, the mountains,
And everything in nature - and people, –
But avoided them. Since the early days
Accustomed to the disdain he eyes,
But the passionate heart could not
Making just cool:
Love is not afraid of vio,
She - though precious in - all god.
one treasure, sanctuary
He was under the heavens;
With him honored desert paradise ...
But what? Is it always true dream?..

On the proud heights of Lebanon
Increasing burial cypress,
And the branches of ivy twined
Around his direct mill;
Let whirlwind rushes and roars
And break cypress high, –
Vkrug cypress whipped wrapped:
He did not die alone!..
So, alien world, Zoraim
Not all poor - Hell with it!
she frolicked, as a deer steppe,
honey, as the color of sweet paradise;
All passion in it: and chest, i stan,
Eyes - two suns southern countries.
And the maiden was all fun,
As long as she did not show up
exile pale, stately,
With cold eyes boldness;
And she had then the desire
The fire in the eyes of his birth
And in the dead heart institute
Love crazy suffering,
And she managed to. Zoraim
I loved - ever since, how we were loved;
Fate of their united,
A separates - one grave!

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