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Eastern tale
A Dedicated. M. AT.

You - you my humble gift,
My work is obscure and simple,
but the fiery, but inspired
Memories and - you!

I eked out my days, yearning
And at the heart of keeping your image,
But one thing I ask of you:
Whether the angel of death to me .

It appears to me in the hour of danger of suffering,
And let it be your kiss
The key to close bye
In a country of love, in another country!

Zlata East, Wonderland,
The country of love and lust,
Where shines Rose - Heaven daughter,
Where everything is abundant, but happiness;
Where the river is cleaner rolls,
Freestyle race clouds,
Lush evening burns,
And the world keeps the charm
those days, when the evil seal
Soul people, after the deadline prefer,
It was not obesslavlena,
Love you, Orient!
Who knew you, he forgot
their homeland; who saw
thy beauties, will not forget
Arrogant flame of their eyes
And no doubt will believe
Sad story of my.

There the angel of death; in the hour of danger
Past anguish and parting
He hugs us,
But his kisses are cold,
And the terrible sight of his eye
helpless victim; and unwittingly
It makes tremble,
And often heart hurts, painfully
Last breath to give him.
But before these people meeting
Seemed - sweet inheritance.
He knew the mysterious speech,
He knew how to comfort the eye,
And a storm of passion he humbled,
And he had power to
Sick soul somehow
For a moment, hoping to deceive!

Equal in all of the universe edge
He was a young angel;
For all, that only the dust of the earth,
I looked with contempt imperishable;
His arrival is blessed
I am breathing the heavenly silence;
Quiet rays shining,
As midnight star,
He sometimes lured mortals,
And followed it to the door of paradise
Crowds liberated souls,
And he was happy. why did
Now afflict his arms,
And kiss him - curse?

Near the coast
And the roaring ocean waves,
Under the hot air Hindustan
Blue in a long series of hills.
Last hill is high and terrible,
Gray rocks decorated
And away to sea; and it
Eagles yes hawks nest,
And fishermen are afraid of him
Drive at dusk the night.
Covered with wild bushes,
There is one cave on it -
Housing dragon - cool, dark,
the mind, deluded dreams,
What's up, whose purpose is not,
As the eyes of the unsaid
Cunning killer hi.
Her lamp - a full month,
With it, they say the sea waves,
And the holes are
Guard palms in a row.

Once upon a time there lived an exile,
newcomer, young Zora.
He was only on the ground wanderer,
People and the sky was driven.
He could be happy, but bliss
He looked up at the empty amusements,
He sought perfection in others,
And he - he was not better than them;
I was looking great in minute,
fearing hope, sorry
About tom, that was happiness false,
AND, becoming uselessly careful,
I believe no one dared.
He loved the night, freedom, the mountains,
And everything in nature - and people, –
But avoided them. Since the early days
Accustomed to the disdain he eyes,
But the passionate heart could not
Making just cool:
Love is not afraid of vio,
She - though precious in - all god.
one treasure, sanctuary
He was under the heavens;
With him honored desert paradise ...
But what? Is it always true dream?..

On the proud heights of Lebanon
Increasing burial cypress,
And the branches of ivy twined
Around his direct mill;
Let whirlwind rushes and roars
And break cypress high, –
Vkrug cypress whipped wrapped:
He did not die alone!..
So, alien world, Zoraim
Not all poor - Hell with it!
she frolicked, as a deer steppe,
honey, as the color of sweet paradise;
All passion in it: and chest, i stan,
Eyes - two suns southern countries.
And the maiden was all fun,
As long as she did not show up
exile pale, stately,
With cold eyes boldness;
And she had then the desire
The fire in the eyes of his birth
And in the dead heart institute
Love crazy suffering,
And she managed to. Zoraim
I loved - ever since, how we were loved;
Fate of their united,
A separates - one grave!

On the blue skies moon
With the stars shining Far,
Beam strikes the cave;
And the restless wave,
Night full of coolness,
Cliff, fade, hugs.
I remember - at this very hour
Usually gentle voice,
Accompanied by a trick,
sounded, teryayas the mountain:
He came out of the cave.
What demon these sounds
Magic power lulled?..

Almost unconscious, no dum, exhausted,
Lying on a bed of flour death
Mladaya Hell. Breeze
Do not refresh her cheeks,
And languid eyes half open
In vain looking east,
And in the morning she waits in vain:
She did not see the dawn of a beautiful,
It will be there until the morning,
Where the sun does not really need us.
At the head, stricken
fear of the secret, Zoraim
Standing - kneeling,
Melancholy despair tormented.
In his hand is white exile
Frigid hand maidens,
And the heat of her life does not warm.
"But death, - he thinks, - not close!
Hand - not a life; simple disease -
It's not the death of a fatal!»
So sometimes the light of hope
It is, which is no more;
And although we do not remain
For consolation nothing,
She laughs at the heart of all,
Not fleeing from it.

While the death of the gentle angel
I flew through the southern sky;
Suddenly he hears a murmur of rebellious,
And the weeping of love - and a faint moan,
AND, fast as flying moments,
By the cave he flies.
Tosca last torment
The spirit of death delight wanted
And on the lips submissive Ada
His kiss imprinted:
He could not give another refreshing!
Or, may be, Zoraim
It was not seen them ...
But soon, when heat lamps
motionless, cloudy eyes met,
He read it yourself reproach;
And the angel of death Compassion
Inwardly I felt holy.
if I say,? - even in the crime
He blamed himself sometimes.
He took everything in Zoraima:
One has only to them loved,
His love was stronger
All thoughts and all the other passions.
And he cried, - but it is clear
The color of pale brow,
What flour overcame death,
Though he lost irrevocably.
And the angel knew, - and they do not know?
That hopelessness print
In a quiet cold silence,
Which is easier to cry, than to suffer
Without any signs of suffering.

And the angel thought struck,
worthy of heaven: wants
Reward the sufferer he.
Can it be true creator prohibits
Accidents to comfort people?
And it animates the body of the Virgin
His angelic soul.
AND, miracle! Blood in the chest kiss the ground
again worries, boiling;
And look, magic full force,
In the shadow of her eyelashes lit.
So the angel of death Sedin
with all, than just a sweet life;
But the mind is obeyed borders,
And the government - not that much, as it was,
And only in the misty memory
He keeps thoughts of previous years;
Their appearance is strange Ada,
As night meteor light,
And it is ridiculous her carelessness,
And her future dark,
And feelings, eternal as eternity,
United all in one.
The desire of other dedicated
She was their joy,
As if death and not extinguished
The innocent heart heat love!..

Once on the coastal cliff,
Listening to the lapping waves of the sea,
thoughtful, near Ada tender,
I sat a young exile.
Rays evening Zlata
The wide blue ocean,
And one could see through the fog,
Like sails in the distance walked.
Big black eyes
On the other fixed her maiden,
But in the wild heart of the raging,
It seemed, secret storm.
Sometimes scattered views
On the red west, he threw
And suddenly, quietly took his hand Adы
And turning to her, сказал:
"No! I can not share the wilderness
Odnoobrazno days vlachity;
I am free - but the soul in captivity:
She must break up the chain ...
that life? - give me a cup glory,
Although there was a deadly poison in it,
I do not tremble - I am happy to have a drink:
Not all eh bliss - but the poison?
Someday, all I have to
Leave the burden of being ...
Tell, uzhel one grave
Insignificant in the world will be as follows
Togo, whose heart for so many years
The idea of ​​nothingness tormented?
And I'm late to be? - Oh no!..
Look: these mountains
With a mighty army under tents
There are two formidable king;
And tomorrow, just dawn
Will have time to wake up in the clouds,
Trumpet of war and the sound of swords
In our desert resound.
And one of those kings
Go as a soldier, I decided.
But you do not expect, to return
I defeated. No, probably
Wave, persecuted waves
According to the infinity of the seas,
In the shelter of reeds nevi
gate. But if contact
victory will be, I prinest
I swear pearls and gold,
Currently a leave of honor ...
And I will be happy, and then some
We'll live with you richly ...
I know: never love
Geroyskiy sword, not scorned,
But even if you wanted to ...
a friend of mine, I must see the blood!
trust: nothing to me threats
Destiny treacherous and blind.
how? you bledneesh?.. tears? tears?
On what is the cry, my angel?»
And the angel-deva answers:
"Seest thou, it reflects
Creek leaning flower?
When the water is not moving,
He was still looking at her,
But if a fresh breeze
Green wave will alarm
And moved, wave,
Shall the shadow of flower can
make no bones about, how is she?
My fate with your destiny
I joined so precisely Rock,
Wave - your image, my flower.
you're sad, - I'm sad with you!
who knows? - may be, this hour
Last happy for us!..»

Why in the valley hidden
From myrtle breathes fragrance?
What for?.. The rulers of the universe,
Nature people pollute.
Flower crumpled stained with
their blood, and the arrow will fly
On the bird in the sky,
And the sun otumanit ashes.
Creek won, groan slain
Compel civilians nightingales
Search within the remote
other valleys, other shrubs,
Where red day, as night, calm,
Where their queen, their love,
Not stopchet rose grim warrior
And the stain can not be blood.

Chu!.. Stomp ... Dust swirls cloud,
And so the war trumpet sounds,
And the first whistle of arrows fly
There was on each side!
newborn star
With the height of the azure sky
Bloody brilliance lit up
Armor martial fighters.
Meanwhile, the army has agreed
Closer ... closer - and fought;
And cod copies and shields,
It seemed, You will be surprised.
But vengeance - king in the hearts of people
And surprisingly strong.

This meeting was terrible,
Like the meeting of the two thunders
The storm between the smoky clouds.
With equal success lasted slashing,
And all crowded. blood river
gushed everywhere, swords shone,
As the shadow of the banners wandered
Over every dark crowd,
And with a cry of death rock
On the corpses of the dead bodies upadana ...
But finally retreats
a crowd; and defeated
I do not oppose fighter;
And the grass bloody
Slides frightened fugitive.
Only one warrior, surrounded
hostile army, no hotel
another run. Of dead bodies
Around him was a fence ...
And then he was left alone.
He was not the king of the king's son il,
Though gifted with the power of sight was
And proud importance chela.
But suddenly treacherous arrow
It pierced the Young Knight,
And he fell on his back noisy,
And the blood was flowing ... and a word
is he, Drop, I not tell,
When there was a shout of victory,
As the funeral cry over him,
And by daring the enemy rushed,
Blazing fire fighting.

We are looking at the battle from afar
Since silicon and steep mountains,
Ada was young
one, fermented anguish,
High Percy raising,
Fear of the heart beat in her,
Hourly tears assailed
Poached, full of sorrow ...
Oh my God! - For these eyes
Who would not sacrifice the glory?
But Zoraimu was a mile
Girlish affection bloody path!
madman! You did not know the price
around, around, than had,
I did not know you, gentle angel
Leave your tranquil paradise,
To revive the heart of Ada;
What many he deprived of refreshing
At the last moment, to delight
your suffering. poor Ada
Plea rejected coldly you;
perhaps l? Beauty Angel
You, exile, no more than
Arrogant and empty dreams?..
She looks and waits ... but what?
It had long been in the silence,
The enemies raced off for enemies,
Only distorted bodies
Battle Valley is paved with ...
Alas! Where Angel consolation?
Where is the messenger of heaven young?
He is tormented by passion earth
And will not hear them molenya!..
Oh, the sun is low - Hell awaits ...
All round the quiet ... it does not suit all!..

It descends into the valley
And he sees a terrible picture.
Is barely breathing between corpses;
As an innocent before execution,
hope, mixed with a fear of,
Her worried soul.
She felt afraid,
And with every step come back
She wanted to b; but love
He overcame the horror of it again;
Pale cheeks cute virgin,
On his chest he bowed his head ...
And immobile! such
It was used Lileya over the grave!
where Zoran? what, if it is
killed? - but there was a groan whose?
Who is this wounded by an arrow
In beautiful legs? whose voice
So much soul in it shook?
He is surrounded by a ridge of dead,
But the hour of death and over him ...
Who is he? - It is finished! - Zoraim.

"Are you here? Now? - And if you, hell?
ABOUT! Your coming I do not delight!
What for? - To the horrors of war
Your eyes are not created,
Death should not be the subject of;
You excessive love
Vela here - what is the use in this?..
Only I wanted to see the blood
And I see ... and the arrival instants,
when sleep, dreamless.
Nobody - I myself to blame ...
I perish! first star
We will announce the fate of separation.
Do not be afraid of blood, give me your hand:
I'm guilty before you ...
forgive! You'll be an orphan,
You will not find relatives, or shelter,
And even on the chest of another ...
You will not be happy again:
Who can know the double happiness?

"A friend of mine! What are your kisses
Now, so full of fire?
They do not revive me
And only increase the suffering,
recalling, I was happy;
ABOUT, if only, If I forgot,
What is the world's memories!
I feel, in my chest
nearer, close cold death.
ABOUT, Who would thought? As I am young!
How much I would spend days
With you, in the silence of the deep,
Under the shade of palm trees shore,
When used today, brutal rock
I did not disappoint my expectations!..
Back in my country, my homeland
fortuneteller wise, all the glory,
I predicted, that the hour will come -
And I will accomplish the feat loud,
And voice pronounce molvы
my title, triumphantly,
But ... "Here, how far harp jingle,
His words were inaudible,
All brightness eyes lost
And it has weakened markedly.

Hell sufferer not listened,
Just silently hugged tightly,
forgetting, that it is no more
Miraculous power of previous years;
What kiss her powerless,
paltry, how insignificant sound,
Not illuminates the darkness of the grave,
Not ease last agony.
Meanwhile, on the remote vault
One diamond star
It was unchanged in the glare,
clean, beautiful, as always;
And it seemed: the beam does not know her,
what́ on the ground, he illuminates:
So he playfully descended
The victim of decay and graves.
And Zoran wanted vain
Last caress answer;
Everything, everything, what can he say,
sadly, gloomily, - but not passionately!
Already fierce tears, it does not burn
Cheeks the cool as ice,
Too softly dripping blood from wounds;
And with a shout, exactly the spirit of the night,
Weakened over head
fly a kite, uninvited guest.
And the sad young man looked
The distant star,
He looked into the eyes of a sweet maiden,
I stood up - and shudder - and a sigh -
And he died. With blue lips
And with the white-eyed,
Face - before tender - was terrible
Total, that is terrible for people.

Whose shadow transparent haze dressed,
Like a stray beam of light,
With the land rises to,
Where the first star shines?
Silver crown plays
on the peace, joyous brow,
For a long time visible trace fiery
Neu in gloom nightclub ...
The angel of death, death perishes
From the bonds of earth freed!..
He threw the body of the Virgin in the dust:
His homeland in the sky.
Everybody there, he loved the earth,
He will meet and fall in love again!..

All the same, he, and his power
It does not change anything;
Sadness passed it excitement,
As the flies sleep ghost,
Only the cool contempt
To the ground left it;
For the death of a friend has been left
Desire to avenge all over the world;
And hatred of others, it seemed,
Was love for him .
All the same, he - and infinity,
as thought, he can fly,
And the eye can be measured
summer, century and even eternity.
But the angel of death, young
Bye to the old kindness;
People he knew: "compassion
They can not earn;
Not Rewarding - punishment
The last moment they must be.
They are insidious and cruel,
Their virtue - vices,
And life is a burden to them from a young age ... "
So he thought - why no?..

His meeting neizbezhimoy
Afraid of each from now;
Sword - his piercing gaze;
His welcome speech
worry us, as an evil reproach,
And ice Frigid his arms,
And kiss him - curse!..

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