AT. Prince. Mikhail Pavlovich (20-27 April 1840 g. In Petersburg)

Your Imperial Highness!
Recognizing fully my fault and reverently submitting to punishment, entrusted to me by His Imperial Majesty, I was encouraged still hope to be able to make amends for my zealous service offense, but, received orders to report to Mr. Adjutant General Count Benkendorf, I am of the words of His Excellency saw, that to me is still charged with false testimony, the most serious, some people may be exposed, value their honor. Count Benkendorf offered me to write a letter to Barentin, in which I apologize in, it is unfair testified in court, that shot into the air. I could not accept the fact, because it would be against my conscience; but now the idea, that His Imperial Majesty and Your Imperial Highness, may be, shared the doubts of the truth of my words, This thought is so unbearable, I decided to contact your Imperial Highness, Knowing your generosity and justice, and as many times do much good for you, and ask you to protect and meet me in the opinion of His Majesty, because otherwise I lose the innocence and irrevocably a noble person.
Your Imperial Highness, let me say, with the whole of Revelation: I sincerely regret, that reading my offended Barante: I did not expect this, I did not have this intention; but now I can not correct a mistake by lying, to which never stooped. for saying, that shot into the air, I told the truth, ready to confirm judges honest word, and can serve as proof of the, that in place of the duel, when my second, retired lieutenant Stolypin, He gave me the gun, I told him exactly, that fire into the air, what́ and confirm himself.
Feeling the full confidence of my, I, but, I dare to hope, that your Imperial Highness deign to pay attention to my sad position, and the intercession of your restore my good name in the opinion of His Majesty and your.
With reverent devotion have happiness abide Your Imperial Highness
Mikhail Lermontov
Tenghinka Infantry Lieutenant.

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Mikhail Lermontov
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