WITH. AND. Raevskii (The second half of November - beginning of December 1837 r. Tiflis in Petrozavodsk)

Dear friend Sviatoslav!
I suppose, that either of my two letters lost in the mail, or yours, I have not reached, because since, I'm here, I know about you only grandmother letters.
Finally, I was transferred back to the Guard, but only in the Grodno Regiment, and if not for my grandmother, the, by conscience say, I would gladly stay here, because there is hardly fun Settlement of Georgia.
Since I left Russia, you believe it, I was still in constant wanderings, then on the chaise, the top; I traveled all along the Line, from Kizlyar to Taman, moved mountains, I was in Shusha, cubed, in Shamakhi, in Kakheti, dressed in Circassian, with a gun behind; lodged in the open field, I sleep under the cry of the jackals, el Churek, I drank Kakhetian even ...
colds road, I arrived at the water covered with rheumatism; I endured at the hands of people from the wagon, I could not walk - a month of water have completely recovered; I've never been so healthy, but I lead an exemplary life; I drink wine only, when somewhere in the mountains at night prozyabnu, the, arrived at the place, греюсь… – Здесь, but war, no service; I arrived too late in the squad, because now is not the emperor ordered to do a second expedition, and I heard only two, three shots; but twice in my travels shot back: one night we went to three from Cuba, I, an officer of the regiment and Circassian (peaceful, of course), – и чуть не попались шайке лезгин. – Хороших ребят здесь много, especially in Tiflis there are people very decent; and that there is a true delight, so it Tatar baths! – Я снял на скорую руку виды всех примечательных мест, who attended, and was carrying with him a decent collection; in short, I voyazhiroval. How to pass a mountain range in Georgia, so I threw the truck and began to ride; climbing on snow hill (Phillips) to the top, that it was not easy; there is visible half of Georgia, like on a platter, and, right I will not attempt to explain or describe this wonderful feeling: for me the mountain air - Balm; spleen to hell, heart beats, high chest breathing - do not need anything at that moment; so yes I would sit watching a lifetime.
I began to learn Tatar, language, that here, and generally in Asia, needed, as the French in Europe, – да жаль, now I do not study up, and later would be useful. I have to make plans to go to Mecca, in Persia and so on., It now remains only to ask for an expedition to Khiva with Perovsky.
You see this, I made a terrible tramp, a right, I located this kind of life. If you please answer me, then write to Petersburg; Alas, not in Tsarskoye Selo; boring to go into a new regiment, I completely lost touch with the front and seriously thinking to resign.
goodbye, dear friend, Forget me not, and believe all the same, that my very great sorrow was, that you have suffered through.
Вечно тебе преданный М. Lermontov.

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Mikhail Lermontov
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