WITH. BUT. Raevskii (After 27 February 1837 r. In Petersburg)

My dear friend Rajewski.
I now go home to say goodbye. You can not imagine my despair, when I learned, I blame your unhappiness, What are you, wanting me as good, of this note will suffer. Dubelt says, that Kleinmichel too guilty ... At first I did not tell you about, but then I was interrogated by the sovereign: told, that you will be nothing and that if I lock myself, then I as a soldier ... I remember my grandmother ... and could not. I'll have sacrificed her ... What happened to me at this moment, I can not say, - but I'm sure, that you understand me and forgive, and is still worthy of his friendship ... Who would have expected!.. I'll come to you without fail. Burn this note.
Yours - M. L.

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Mikhail Lermontov
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