WITH. BUT. Raevskii (The first half of March, 1837 r. In Petersburg)

Dear friend Sviatoslav.
You can not imagine, you made me happy in his letter. I was on the conscience of your misery, I was tormented by the thought, that you suffer for me. Give god, to your hopes come true. Grandma is busy at Dubbelt, and also Athanasius A.. As for me concerns, I ordered food and soon obmundirovku. I commandant, I think, will allow you to see - otherwise, I'll come and so. Today I was sent to speak, so I did not go, not yet manifest myself to Kleinmichel, for he is now my boss <…>. Today I was in Athanasius Alekseevicha, and he asked me not to take risks without the permission of the commandant - and he wants to ask for it. If you do not allow, I come all. What Krajewski, me has been criticized for being, that you suffered because of me? - Sometimes it seems to me, the whole world is turned against me, and if that were not very flattering, to the right, I would be upset ... Goodbye, my friend. I will write to you about the wonders of the country - east. I comforted the words of Napoleon: The big names are in the East. See: all nonsense. goodbye, yours forever
M. Lermontoff.

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Mikhail Lermontov
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