WITH. AND. Raevskii (16 January 1836 r. Of Tarhan in Petersburg)

Spread, 16 January.
dear Svyatoslav!
I'm sorry, you're still lazy to notify me about, what are you doing and what is being done in St. Petersburg. I now live in Tarkhany, in Chembarskom County (here's the address in case, you do not know it), by Grandma, listen, like howling at the window myatel (here all the time horrible, snow depth sazhen, horse and sinking <…>, and neighbors leave each other alone, what, in brackets, very nice), I eat for ten, <…> can not, because girls stink, I write the fourth act of the new drama, taken from the scene, случившегося со мною в Москве. – О Москва, Moscow, Capital of our ancestors, golden-domed Russian great queen, short, white, black, red, all colors, Moscow, <…> prepodlo done to me. It is necessary to explain to you first, I'm in love. And what is this I won? – Одни <…>. truth, my heart remained obedient to reason, but in other important members of the body it occurs disastrous uprising. Now you can clearly see my miserable situation and, as a friend, right, sorry, maybe, and envy, For all that is good, what we do not, from this, right, and <…> we like. Here are the most rustic Filozof!
I'm afraid, that my "Arbenina" again missed, and the thought given great occasion to your silence. But this will be!
Also, I'm afraid, that have not sold my horses and that they'll make it difficult. If you have written about this before, I would have sent money to feed their people and, and then if they do not sell, I will not take so much away horses, how mean. pozhalusta, answer, how to get.
I declare to you more news: summer grandmother moved to live in Petersburg, t. is. in June. I persuaded her because, that she was torn, and now a lot of money as, but I declare to you, that we are still not part.
I'm not describing his adventures in Moscow as punishment for your excessive modesty, – и хорошо, that the thought of the punishment -'ll finish writing (you see this, I still kind and generous).
M. Lermontov.

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Mikhail Lermontov
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