WITH. BUT. Bakhmetev (August 1832 r. From St. Petersburg to Moscow)

Dear Sophia Alexandrovna;
up to the present day, I was in terrible troubles; I went back and forth, Vera Nikolayevna to the country and so on., considered the city piece by piece and went on a boat in the sea - in short, I'm looking for experience, what some impressions!.. Preglupoe the human condition, when he was forced to occupy themselves, to live, how to deal with once the court of the old kings; be your jester!.. How then do not despise yourself; not to lose the power of attorney, which he had to his heart ... one good thing to say to you: I finally realized, that is not fit for society, and now more, than ever; Yesterday I was in the same house NN, Where, after spending 4 o'clock, I did not say a single sensible word; - I do not have a key to their minds - perhaps, thank God! - your commission, I have not yet fulfilled, because we only yesterday moved to quarters. - Lovely house - and with all that my soul does not belong to it; I think, that from now on, I myself will be empty, he was, when we vzehali. - Write me, what is being done in your kingdom countries? How's the wedding? Are you still in Srednikove or Moscow: tea, Alexander M. Elizabeth A. Yes do not know the rest, all are busy! –
strange thing! Only a month ago, I wrote:

I want to live! I want to grief
Love and happiness to spite;
They spoiled my mind
And too smoothed forehead;
It's time, time to ridicule the world
Get rid of the fog of peace: –
That without the suffering of the poet's life?
And that without the storm ocean?

Then came the storm, and the storm has passed; and the ocean is frozen, but froze with their waves; storing a theatrical kind of movement and anxiety, but actually dead, than ever.
I bothered you with my thesis!.. I became friends with Paul shorter Evreinov: - he has a soul in the soul!
- One thing bothers me: I almost completely lost sleep - God knows, how long; - I will not say, from sorrow to; I have been and more sorrow, I slept soundly and well; - not, I do not know; secret consciousness, I ended the life of a little man, worries me.
Dear I was still there-here; Arriving - no good for anything; right, I need to travel; - I have Roma.
- Goodbye, - write me, than those that remember you me? - I promise you, that not all of my letters will be such; Now I blether, because an empty stomach. - Goodbye;
a member of your bande joyeuse
M. Lerma.
R. S. In the whole of my aunts pens and ask me to take you from the bow to all my friends ... in the second discharge of which Achille arap; and if you're not in Moscow, the mentally.

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Mikhail Lermontov
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