WITH. BUT. Bakhmetev (August 1832 r. From St. Petersburg to Moscow)

Take wonderful MESSAGE
From the far edge of this;
It is not Pavlo's writing -
But you will give it to Paul.
Alas! How boring this city,
With its fog and water!..
Wherever you look, red gate,
How skewer, sticks out in front of you;
No dear gossip - all severely,
Law sits on people's foreheads;
Everything is new and surprising -
And there is no vulgar news!
I satisfied each by itself,
Do not worry about the other,
And what we call the soul,
The untitled they!..
- And finally I saw the sea,
But the poet who cheated?..
I'm in his fateful expanse
Great thoughts are not learned.
No! How is it, I was not free;
life disease, skukoy ill,
(For evil bygone days and the new)
I'm not jealous, like before,
His silver dress,
His rebellious waves. –

Offhand I have written these poems, dear Sophia Alexandrovna, and I have no spirit to continue this way. - Indeed; I do not know why, poetry of my soul has gone out;

Arbitrarily wondrous power
I kicked out of the realm of passion;
As after a storm on the sand
Wave rasshibenny shuttle; –
Let the tide of his caresses;
Hears affection disabled:
Powerless, he knows
and pretend, I am asleep;
No he did not entrust Bole
Himself il expensive burden;
He will not do, and the oxen!
Died - and given him rest!

* * *

It seems to me, it is not bad happened; pozhalusta, do not tear this letter into the necessary things. - But, If I started to write to you for an hour before, then, may be, I wrote to all the other; every moment of my new fantasy ...
- Goodbye, dearest.
- I wrote to you from Tver and from here - but still have not received an answer.
Ashamed - but I forgive.
- And I say goodbye. –
M. Lerma.
Auntie and humble all my respect.
Write - that is, and heard, and they say.

* * *

Demidov was, home is not found; She was in some kind of headmaster, - God knows; - I didn’t give the letter and I’ll go again one of these days. - I do not have too much attraction to society: bothered! - All people, a longing, if only for a laugh devils across.

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