writing, ascribed to Lermontov


I readily apologize that you have not written me not, because you, I hope, something better to do, for my part, you must forgive me if often solicit your attention, because I have now nothing that comes to rest between you and my letters.
I'm not quite alone now, I have with me an old acquaintance, a classmate, but if old, que nous n’avons rien de nouveau à nous dire sur aucun sujet, and we gags year face one another in a kind of anxiety Quiete. I hear talking or N., nor Captain N. with their quarto. God have mercy on poor humanity! We'll pounce on it like Cerberus, with our three books. For my part, which will appear along with myself; I am happy to be compared to Janus. I'm not at all satisfied N. that was promised ...
I arrived in town last night, and I will be very glad to see you, when it will be pleasant.
Believe me sincerely. All yours…


Readily excuse you, that you did not write me, because you, I hope, there are better things to do; as for me, you must forgive me, I so often ask for your attention, but because I do not have anything, that would become between you and my letters.
I'm not all alone now!, with me an old friend, friend, but this old, we have nothing to say to each other new, and we yawn to each other in the face in a kind of quiet anxiety. I do not hear any talk about N., not the masters N. с их fourthly. Yes, God will have mercy on the poor humanity! we, like Cerberus, heaped upon him with our three books. As for me, which will be accompanied by myself, I settle for be likened to Janus. I'm quite unhappy with N., 1 which is engaged ...
I arrived in the city last night and would be very happy to see you, if it will be nice to you.
Believe my full sincerity. All your ...


Just yesterday who bought four Russian horses I have just sent to the countryside, in this moment I have no need of horses - and I am angry not being able to make use of you.
Please M-r to accept the assurance of my most perfect esteem with which I ...


Just yesterday I bought four horses Russian rock, who had just been sent to the village; Now I no longer need a horse, and I am very sorry, I can not use your.
I ask you, your Majesty, the assurance of full respect for the ...


«Monsieur, - said he quite high, - all you wanted to speak on this matter when we begged you: so, now, you'd better shut up ". I replied that it would never be him that would impose silence on me. After dinner I told him: "You have given me an offensive About, because your passion has taken away any thoughts you. You have ten years older than me. Your reputation is made and too made by twenty fights; mine only settle. You feel that I need satisfaction; - and it is of two kinds: you can finish everything, if you want it, saying to our guests, who are your friends, you blame your liveliness, who had no intention to offend me; if I do not get that satisfaction, you know that I'll need another "; - I have none to give you. "Well, tomorrow at seven am, I come to you to ask why such a strange behavior ".

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Mikhail Lermontov
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