P. AND. Petrov (1 February 1838 r. From St. Petersburg to Stavropol)

dear uncle
Pavel Ivanovich.
Finally, arrived in St. Petersburg, после долгих странствований и многих плясок в Москве, I am blessed, First of all, Allah vsemohuscheho, spread a carpet of rest, He lit his pipe and took pleasure in his pen gratitude and fond memories.
Grandmother recovered from my arrival and hopes, that over time, I was again transferred to the Life Hussars; and now I'm still here obmundirovyvayus; но мне скоро грозит приятное путешествие в великий Новгород, ужасный Новгород.
Your letter I gave into the hands of his uncle Athanasius Alekseevichu, которого нашел в Москве. – Я в восторге, I can boast of his accuracy in front of you, who have seen so many times in my nasty quality or vice, as you wish.
I'm afraid, that my letter will not find you in Stavropol, but, without knowing, how do you address in Moscow, Let them naudaluyu, and the great Prophet sallallaahu direct foot postman.
С искреннейшею благодарностию за все ваши попечения о моем ветреном существе имею честь прикладывать к сему письму 1050 руб., you lend me.
You are welcome, dear uncle, tell me dear cousins, I kiss their knobs and beg me not to forget,
– остаюсь всей душою преданный вам
M. Lermontov.

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Mikhail Lermontov
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