n. AND. Polivanov (7 June 1831 r. From Moscow to the estate Polivanova)

dear friend, Hello!
Reach out your hand and think, that it meets my; I am now completely insane. Our destiny spreads in different directions, как ветер листы осени. – Завтра свадьба твоей кузины Лужиной, на которой меня не будет (??); however, мне теперь не до подробностей. – Черт возьми все свадебные пиры. - Not, My friend! We have not been created for the light; - I can not tell you a lot of writing: ill, upset, глаза каждую минуту мокры. – Source intarissable. - A lot happened to me; goodbye, write something more fun. What are you doing? – Про<щай, друг> my.
M. Lermantov.

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Mikhail Lermontov
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