n. F. Plautinu (Early March 1840 r. In Petersburg)

Your Excellency,
Your Majesty!
Upon receipt of your Excellency's orders to explain the circumstances of my duel with Mr. Barant, I have the honor to convey to Your Excellency, On February 16th at the ball at the Countess of Laval, Mr. Barante demanded my explanation about if what I have said; i answered, that everything handed to him unfairly, but since he was displeased, I added, that further explanation is not intended to give him. On his poignant response, I said the same barbs, for what́ he said, that if I was in his own country, he would know how to end the matter; Then I answered, that Russia should honor the rules as strictly, as an everywhere, and that we are less than others allow themselves to insult with impunity. He called me, we agreed and parted. 18-day of Sunday in 12 in the morning we have gathered over the Black River on the road Pargolovskaya. His second was a Frenchman,, whose name I do not remember, and which has never until now had not seen. Since Mr. Barante considered himself offended, I gave him the choice of weapons. On chosen swords, but we were also guns. No sooner had we cross swords, as my end of the broke, and he told me a little scratched breasts. Then we took the pistols. We had to shoot together, but I'm a little late. He gave a miss, I already shot to the side. After this, he gave me his hand, and we went.
here, Your Excellency, a detailed account of all that has happened between us.
With true devotion
I have the honor abide
your Excellency
humble servant
Mikhail Lermontov.

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Mikhail Lermontov
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