M. L. Simanska (20 February 1834 r. In Petersburg)

My dear Cousine! Je me rends avec extase à votre aimable invitation, and, I certainly will not fail to come to congratulate my first uncle after dinner, because - to my dismay my Stolipine cousin died before yesterday, – et je suis sûr que vous ne trouverez pas mal que je me prive du plaisir de vous voir quelques heures plus tôt, to go, fill a dreary duty indispensable; - to you for the whole evening and all life.
M. L.


My dear cousin! Я с восторгом принимаю ваше любезное приглашение и, of course, I will not fail to come with congratulations to his uncle, but after dinner, for, to my great chagrin, my cousin Stolypin died the day before yesterday, and, I'm sure, You would not think bad, I deprive myself of the pleasure of seeing you a few hours earlier, to go to perform equally sad, as it is necessary duty; - faithful to you for the whole evening and the whole life.
M. L.

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Mikhail Lermontov
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