M. BUT. Shan-Giray dynasty (Spring 1829 r. From Moscow to Apalihu)

dear aunt!
excuse me, I have not written for so long ... But now I will try more often to notify you about yourself, knowing, it will be nice to you. Vacation approaching, and I'm sorry ...! Hon board. But do not think, I was glad to leave it, because the doctrine stops; not! At home, I'll be watching and more, than there.
You asked about points, dear aunt, Alas! – у нас в пятом классе с самого нового года еще не все учителя поставили сии вывески нашей премудрости! Do you remember, dear aunt, you spoke, that our actors (Moscow) worse Petersburg. What a pity, that you did not see here "The Gambler", the tragedy of "The Robbers". You would think differently. Many of St. Petersburg masters agree, These plays are better, than there, and that Mochalov in many places exceeds Karatygina. Grandmother, I Ekim, all, thank God, healthy, но m-r G. Gendroz was sick, but now almost completely recovered.
I will try to follow the advice of your, for I am sure, they are my benefits. I kiss your pen. Humble your nephew
M. Lermantov.
R. S. I ask you to respect my uncle to witness and aunt Anna Akimovna whole pen. Also, please kiss me: Ales, Two Katyusha and Masha.
M. L.

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Mikhail Lermontov
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