M. BUT. Shan-Giray dynasty (About 21 December 1828 r. From Moscow to Apalihu)

dear aunt!
Knowing your love to me, I can not be late, to please you: the exam is over and vacations begin until January 8th, consequently it will continue 3 of the week. Our test lasted from the 13th to the 20th of. I will send scores, where you will see, Mr. Dubensky staged 4 Russian and 3 Latin, but he continued to put me 3 and 2 to the test. Suddenly, somehow I took pity and sent the day before, that made my second pupil.
My father came here, and now 2 paintings recovered from my portefeuille ... thank God! With such accommodating me hands!..
Soon I will begin to draw with (envelopes) busts ... what a pleasure! To that Alexander Stepanovich shows me also, as would paint landscapes.
I continued to submit works of my Dubensky, and Hercules and Prometheus took Inspector, who wants to publish a magazine, "Kalliope" (imitating me! (?)), where students will be placed writings. What you feel; Pavlov I imitate, He takes over from me ...! – стало быть… стало быть… – но выводите заключения, what you like.
Grandma was a little unwell teeth, however much better now, and I, - ABOUT! I carry myself as usual ... well!
Farewell, dear aunt, I wish, you to be internally rested, then<овательно,> healthy, for: The body pain from ailments of the soul!
I remain your humble
M. Lermantov.
NB. I enclose to you, dear aunt, poems, koi ask to put into his album, a picture I have not yet painted. On vacation I hope to fulfill my promise.
Here are the verses:

When Rafael inspirational
Pure Virgin holy face
A living brush okonchal;
Admired for its art
Online pre fell picture!
But soon this wonderful rush
Weakened in his chest Mlada,
And tired and dumb,
He forgot the fire of heaven.

This is the poet: just a thought flash,
As he shed his pen
all soul; sound loud lyre
enchants light, and in silence
Poet, oblivious to the dream of paradise,
You, you! The soul of his idols!
And suddenly hladeet cheeks glow,
His heart excitement
all the quieter, and the specter of runs!
but for a long time, long mind stores
initial impression.

M. L.
R. S. Not knowing, that uncle in Apalihe, I did not write to him, but I apologize and bear witness to him my compliments.
<К письму приложена копия ведомости, сделанная рукой Лермонтова:>

Ведомость о поведении и успехах университетского Благородного пансиона воспитанника 4-го класса М. Лермантова
behavior; diligence - Vesyma pohvalyno
God's Law - 3
mathematics - 4
Russian language - 4
Latin language - 3
history - 4
geography - 4
German - 4
French - 4
30. For 24 Transfer points in the 5th grade
inspector Paul

NB. 4 It means the highest degree of, 0 lower!
I'm a disciple of the 2nd.

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Mikhail Lermontov
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