M. BUT. Shan-Giray dynasty (February 1830 r. or February 1831 r. From Moscow to Apalihu)

My dear aunt.
To stand up for the honor of Shakespeare. If he is great, it is in Hamlet; if it is true Shakespeare, this genius An integral, penetrating into the heart of man, in the fate of the law, original, that is inimitable Shakespeare - it's in Hamlet. To begin with, that you have a translation from Shakespeare, translation and perekoverkannoy piesy Dyusisa, which the, to meet the sugary taste of the French, who can not embrace high, and their stupid rules, He changed the course of the tragedy and released a set of characteristic scenes: these translations, Unfortunately, we played in the theater. - Right, Hamlet is not in your gravediggers scene, and other, whom I do not remember.
Hamlet in English written half in prose, half verses. - Right, there is that scene, when Hamlet says to his mother, and she points to a portrait of his deceased father; at that moment, on the other hand, visible one Hamlet, a shadow king, dressed, like the portrait; and Prince, already looking at the shadow, responsible mother - a lively contrast, how deep! The writer knew, what, right, Hamlet will not be so amazed and alarmed, see portrait, like the appearance of a ghost.
Right, Ophelia is not in the madness! Although, This last one touching scene! Do you have a scene, when the king send for a purpose of two court, to find out, It does exactly obsessed with pretending to be a prince, and this is deceiving them; I remember a few places this scene; they, court, tired Hamlet, and this interrupts one of them, asking:
Hamlet. Is not justice, that cloud looks like a saw?
1 courtier. Yes, my prince.
Hamlet. And I think, that it has the form of a camel, which is similar to an animal!
2 Pridvorov<ный>. Prince, I myself just wanted to say it.
Hamlet. What do you like both of? - etc..

* * *

Here is how this scene ends: Hamlet takes the flute and says:
Play something on this instrument.
1 courtier. I never learned, prince, I cant;
Hamlet. pozhalusta.
1 Prix<ворный>. I swear, prince, can not (etc.. apologizes).
Hamlet. Can it then do not you two cranks? When out of such a small thing you can not wrest consonants, what you want from me, beings endowed with a strong will of, wrest the secret thoughts?..

* * *

And it's not perfect!..
Now follow my apologies, I to you, lyubeznaya tetenyka, I did not write: I swear, it was once; I have your letter ignited: how hurt Shakespeare?..
I have here is pretty fun: almost every evening at the ball. - But during Lent I was quite zasyadu. At university everything is going well.
Farewell, dear aunt: I wish you health and all, that you want; if they say: one head is good, two is better, Why not say: one heart good, but two is better.
I kiss your pens and remain humble your nephew
M. Lermantov.
R. S. Bow down to me and kissing uncle, pozhalusta, kiddies ...

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Mikhail Lermontov
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