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I am extremely sorry that my letter to my cousin is lost as well as yours for grandmother; - my cousin thought maybe I did the lazy, or that I am lying by saying that I wrote; but neither one nor the other would be fair to share; because I like it, too much to slip away with a lie, and, that you can prove it, I'm not lazy to write; I justify myself maybe with the same letter, and otherwise, I beg you to do it for me; après-demain je tiens examen et suis enterré dans les mathématiques. – Dites lui de m’écrire quelquefois; his letters are so friendly.
I can not imagine yet, what effect will produce about my great new; me, which until now had lived for literary career, after having sacrificed so much for my ungrateful idol, now I'm getting warrior; - maybe do want the special providence! – peut-être ce chemin est-il le plus court; and if it does not lead me to my goal, maybe me he will lead the top of everyone. Dying a lead bullet in the heart, worth a slow old agony; - as well, if war, je vous jure par dieu d’être le premier partout. – Dites, You're welcome, Alexis that I will send him a gift he does not suspect; he had long ago wanted something similar; and I send him the same thing, only ten times better; - Now I do not write it, because I do not have time; in a few days review; once inside I knock you letters, and I urge you all, and all, to retaliate me; - miss Sophie promised to write to me soon after arrival; the saint of Voronezh would he advised him to forget me? Dites lui que je voudrais savoir de ses nouvelles. – Que coûte une lettre? – une demi-heure! And it does not come to school Guardes; - really I did that night; - you, This is another thing; it seems to me that, if I do not communicate you something important, happened to my person, je suis privé de la moitié de ma résolution. – Croyez ou non, but this is entirely true; I do not know why, but when I get a letter from you, I can not help but respond immediately, like I told you.
farewell, Dear friend; I do not say goodbye, since I can not hope to see you here, and between me and the expensive Moscow there are insurmountable barriers, que le sort semble vouloir augmenter de jour en jour. – Adieu, do not be lazier you have so far been, and I will be pleased with you; Now I need your letters more than ever: imprisoned as will, this will be my greatest pleasure; this alone could link my past with my future, which is already in everyone going on his side, leaving between them a barrier 2 sad, difficult years; you take on this boring task, but charitable, and you will prevent a lifetime to demolish; - to you alone I can say what I think, good or bad, I've proven by my confession; and you must not stay behind; you should not - because this is not a complacency that I ask you, mais un bienfait. – J’ai été inquiet il y a quelques jours, Now I am no longer: everything is finished; I lived, I matured too early; and the days that follow will be empty of sensations ...

He was born for happiness, for hope
Peace and inspiration! – но безумный
From early childhood escaped clothes
And the heart thrown into the sea life noisy;
And peace is not spared - and God does not save! –
So juicy fruit before the time is ripe
Between flowers hanging orphaned;
No taste, he is not happy, no eyes;
And the hour of their beauty - his downfall hour! –
And greedy worm it nibbles, gnaws,
And while the gentle friend
Ranging from the branches - early fruit
Only weighs their ... until the first blizzard!
– Ужасно стариком быть без седин; –
He finds no equal; for tolpoyu
is, does not share even with her soul; –
He is among the people nor the servant, or tyrant,
And all, that feels, He feels one!

* * *

Farewell - poclony my all - farewell, do not forget me.
M. Lermantoff.
P. S. I've never written anything over you Evreinoff; and you see that everything I said of her character, is right; Only I was wrong saying it was hypocritical - it does not have enough resources for it; he is a liar.


I am very annoyed, my letter to cousin got lost as well, as your letter to grandma. Cousin, may be, thinks, I'm too lazy to lie or, assuring, he wrote; but both the assumption it would be unfair on the part of, because I love her too, resorting to lies, and you can witness, I'm not lazy to write; I justified, maybe even to this post; otherwise I ask you to do it for me; the next day I keep exam and immersed in math. Ask her to write to me sometimes; her letters so nice.
I can not even imagine, what impression you make on such an important news about me: until now I have dedicated myself to the literary field, great sacrifice to their idol ungrateful and suddenly become a warrior. May be, It is a special providence will! May be, it is the shortest way, and if it does not lead me to my original purpose, the, possibly, will lead to the ultimate goal of all existence. Die with a bullet in the chest should slow agony Elder; so, if war breaks out, I swear by God, everywhere will come. tell, you are welcome, Alexis, I'll send him a gift, what he does not expect; he had long wanted something like that, and I send him the most, only ten times better. I do not write to it is now, for there is no time; a few days later examination. Once it is determined, Written throws you, which I implore all of you to answer me. M-lle Sophie promised to write immediately after arrival, – уж не воронежский ли угодник посоветовал ей забыть меня? tell her, I would like to get away from it news. How long will write a letter? Half an hour! And she does not enter the school Guards. Right, at my disposal only night; you - is another matter. It seems to me, that if I did not tell you anything important, happened to me, I would have lost half my determination. believe, do not believe, and this is true; I do not know why, but, I receive your letter, I can not resist, to reply immediately, as if I was conversing with you.
Farewell, Dear friend, I do not say goodbye, because they do not hope to see you here; between me and pretty Moscow are insurmountable obstacles, and, it seems, the fate of every day increases their. Farewell, try to continue to be lazy no longer, than ever before, and I will be pleased with you. Now I need your letters, than ever; in my future prison they gave me the greatest pleasure; they alone can tie my past and my future, which diverge in different directions, leaving a barrier between two painful and sad years; Take it boring, but the compassionate thing - and you die hinder Life. You the one I can tell everything, I think, and good, and bad; I have already proved that my confession, and you have to keep up, should not, because I ask of you no courtesy, and deeds. A few days ago I was in trouble, but now it's gone: I've calmed down; its end; I lived, I was too early matured, and the coming days will not bring me new experiences ...

He was born for happiness, for hope ...

Farewell, all my poclony, Farewell, do not forget me.
M. Lermantov.
Р. S. I've never written anything about you Evreinov, you see, everything, I talked about his character, – правда; I was just wrong, calling him a hypocrite: for that he lacks the ability, he just a liar.

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