M. A. Lopukhina (31 May 1837 r. From Pyatigorsk to Moscow)

31-it yeast.
I want exactly my promise, dear and good friend, and I send you and your sister Circassian shoes that I promised; there are six pairs, and you can easily share without quarrel; I bought them as soon as I could find; I am now the waters, I drink and bathe, I finally leads an all-in-fact Duck life. God grant, that my letter finds you still in Moscow, because if she will travel to Europe on your tail, it will catch you can be in London, in Paris, Naples, what not, – et toujours dans des endroits où elle sera pour vous la chose la moins intéressante, de quoi dieu la garde et moi aussi. – J’ai ici un logement fort agréable; every morning I see from my window the entire chain of snowy mountains Elbrus; and even now, as I write this letter, I stopped a few times to take a look at these giants, they are so beautiful and majestic. Hopefully bored nicely all the time that I will spend the waters, and though it is very easy to make friends I try to not do it at all; I prowl every day on the mountain, which only made the force at my feet; so I'm just walking; nor heat nor rain will stop me ... This is about my way of life, Dear friend, it is not wrong beautiful, mais… – dès que je serai guéri j’irai faire l’expédition d’automne contre les circassiens, When the emperor is here ...
– Adieu, Dear, je vous souhaite beaucoup de plaisir à Paris et à Berlin. – Alexis a-t-il reçu sa permission; - Embrace him for me - goodbye.
Tout à vous M. Lermontoff.
P. S. Thanksgiving, email me - and say if the shoes you liked.


31-it yeast.
The accuracy of the word and keep sending you, dear and good friend, and sister vashey1 shoes Circassian, who promised you; their six pairs, so share them, you can easily without quarrel; I bought them, how it was possible only to find; I am now on the waters, I drink and take a bath, in short, I lead a life anatinae. Give god, to my letter has caught you in Moscow, and that, if he has to travel after you in Europe, may be, you get it in London, in Paris, in Naples, who knows, – во всяком случае в таком месте, where it does not it will be interesting for you, and from this God preserve him and me. Here I have a nice apartment; every morning from the window I look at the chain of snow-capped mountains and the Elbrus; here and now, sitting behind a letter to you, I stop every now and then, to look at these giants, because they are beautiful and majestic. Hopefully order bored all the time, while staying on the waters, and although it is very easy to make acquaintance, I try to avoid them. Every day I wander in the mountains, and one it has strengthened my feet; so I just do, that go: nor heat, nor rain did not stop me ... That's about my way of life, Dear friend; not that it is good, ... but as soon as I get better, then I go into the autumn expedition against the Circassians, when the emperor is here.
Farewell, expensive, I wish you to have fun in Paris and Berlin. I have the holiday Alexis? – обнимите его за меня – прощайте.
Весь ваш М. Lermontov.
R. S. We love God, write to me and tell, Do you like shoes.

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Mikhail Lermontov
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