M. BUT. Lopukhina (15 February 1838 r. From St. Petersburg to Moscow)

15 February.
I am writing to you, Dear friend, the day before I go to Novgorod; I waited until now he came to me something nice for you preach, but nothing came; and I decided to write you that I am bored to death; the first days of my arrival I did was run - presentations, ceremonial visits - you know, then I went every day to the show: - it is well it's true, but I'm already disgusted; and then persecute me: all dear parents! - we do not want me to leave the service, although I could already, as these gentlemen who went with me to the guard, have already left. - Finally I am quite discouraged, and I want to leave even faster Petersburg, to go anywhere, whether the regiment or the devil; I will at least then an excuse to lament, which is a consolation as another.
It's not very nice of you that you are still waiting for my letter write me; it seems that you are proud; - Alexis does not surprise me, because he is getting married one of these days with I do not know what a rich merchant, as we say here, and I understand that I can not hope to have a place in his heart like that of a large wholesale market. He promised to write to me two days after my departure from Moscow, - but perhaps he forgot my address, so I send him two:
1) In St. Petersburg<ург>: Panteleimon at the bridge on Fontanka, against the Summer Garden, house Venetsky.
2) In the Novgorod province, in the first district of the military settlements in the headquarters of the Life Guards, Grodno Hussars.
If after that he does not write me, I curse him and his big wholesale market: I already apply myself to compose the formula of my curse. God! Whether it's embarrassing to have friends who are getting married.
On arriving here I found a chaos of gossip in the house; I put the order as much as possible, when you have to do three or four women who will not listen to reason: excuse me, if I speak thus of your charming sex or Sesque, but unfortunately! If I tell you it is also a proof that I believe you are an exception. - And when I come home, I only hear stories, stories - Complaints, Criticisms, assumptions, conclusions, - it is something odious, especially for me, who have lost the habit in the Caucasus, where society ladies is very rare, or very little talkative (the Georgian eg, because they do not speak Russian, Georgian nor me).
Please, Dear Marie, write me a little, sacrifice you, - write me always, and do not make these little ceremonies - you need to be above that of! - for indeed if I sometimes slow to respond, is that really where I have nothing to say, or I have too much to do! - two excuses.
I was in Joukofsky, and have carried Тамбовскую казначейшу he asked him, and brought it to Wiazemsky to read together; this has pleased them beauoup, - and it will be inserted in the next issue of Современник.
Grandmama hope I'll be passed hussars Царское Село, but that is because it is made him hope, god knows what reason - and that's why it does not agree that I take my leave: As for me I hope nothing.
In concluding my letter I send you a poem that I came across in my travel papers, and I liked enough, because I forgot, - but that proves nothing at all.

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