E. BUT. Arsenieva (The second half of April 1836 r. From St. Petersburg and Tsarskoye Selo in Tarkhany)

dear grandmother,
The other day Mary left Akimovna, - I learned about her departure in Tsarskoe, - came to town for one evening, was she, but did not find, and therefore I did not write to her, - you, right, You get my letter before her arrival, and it will not have to worry, I'm with her <не> I write to you.
I recently bought a horse in general and ask you, if you have money, send to me 1580 rubles; horse nice and worth more, – а цена эта не велика.
About the apartment I have not yet decided, but there are a few in mind; in early May, they will be cheaper due to the departure of many the cottage. I have, it seems, I wrote, that Lizave-ta Arkadievna rides now spring Natalia Alekseevna in foreign lands for a year; Now it's fashion, as it was once in England; Moscow about twenty families gather for the coming year in foreign lands; pozhalusta, grandmother, do not loiter departure: you, I think, I got my letter, with whom I am sending a letter Grigory, – пожалуста, explain to me, I'd better write to him.
Farewell, dear grandmother, I ask your blessing, I kiss your pens and remain obedient grandson.
M. Lermontov.

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Mikhail Lermontov
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