E. AND. Arsenieva (End of March - early April 1836 r. From Tsarskoye Selo in Tarkhany)

dear grandmother.
Since your arrival time approaches, I'm already looking for an apartment, carriage and saw so high; Praskovya Nikolaevna Ahverdova in maie losing your home, it seems, that would be suitable for us, только всё далеко. – Лошади мои вышли, Bashkir, so tolerable, that miracle, Petersburg to jump - a priedu, they do not sweat; a large pair, especially one all admire, – они так выправились, что ожидать нельзя было. – Лошадь у генерала я еще не купил, and already I told him about it, and he agrees. I send you the original letter to Grigory, and I will wait for your letter, to answer him; I confess to you, I without it would not know, that and write it, – как вы рассудите: я боюсь наделать глупостей. – Скоро государь, they say, He moved to Tsarskoye Selo - and we will begin a great service, and now I no longer live in Tsarskoye, in St. Petersburg, has nothing to do, – я там уж полторы недели не был; all in the service is good - and I'm starting to get used to the life of Tsarskoye Selo.
You are welcome, explain to me, to answer Grigory.
Farewell, dear grandmother, Be healthy and rested on my account, and I, rest assured, I'll do everything, to continue this peace. I kiss your pen and ask your blessing.
obedient grandson
M. Lermontov.

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Mikhail Lermontov
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