E. BUT. Arsenieva (End of April - beginning of May 1836 r. From Tsarskoye Selo to Moscow)

dear grandmother.
believing, that you have on the road, I write to you in Moscow; Recently, my letter of April 25,, I think, you will not find in the village, judging by, as you want to go, and to train Andrew received a letter from his wife, where she writes, what did you think to leave on April 20,, also the, that do not get emails from you, It makes me think, that you have on the road. I also think, dear grandmother, you did not get my letter, where I wrote to you about the letters to me Grigory, – и я всё еще жду вашего разрешения, если вы получили. – Квартиру я нанял на Садовой улице в доме князя Шаховского, for 2000 rubles - all say, that inexpensive, смотря по числу комнат. – Карета также ждет вас… а мы теперь все живем в Царском; the Emperor and the Grand Duke is; every day of the exercise, sometimes two.
I expect a letter from you, dear grandmother, it will allow my surprise.
Farewell. I kiss your pen, I ask your blessing and I remain obedient grandson
M. Lermantov.

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Mikhail Lermontov
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