E. A. Arsenieva (28 June 1841 r. From Pyatigorsk to Petersburg)

June 28.
dear grandmother,
I am writing to you from Pyatigorsk, where will I again called in and where will stay some time to rest. I received your three letters at once and moreover the paper from Stepan about sales people, which must attest and sign here; I have it all here and send fashioned.
In vain you have not sent me the book Countess Rostopchina; pozhalusta, immediately upon receipt of my letter, send it to me here, in Pyatigorsk. I beg you also, dear grandmother, buy me a complete collection of the latest edition of the works of Zhukovsky and also send here immediately. I would also ask for a total of Shakespeare, in anglinski, but I do not know, Can we find in St. Petersburg; recommend Ekim. Only, pozhalusta, somewhat quicker; if it will be soon, here finds me still.
Then, that you write to me about Mr. words. Kleynmihelya, I suppose, It does not mean, I refused his resignation, if I file; he just simply does not advise; and what I have to wait here?
You would be asked only good, released if, if I file.
Farewell, dear grandmother, Be healthy and rested; kiss your pen, I ask your blessing and I remain obedient grandson
M. Lermontov.

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Mikhail Lermontov
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