E. BUT. Arsenieva (20 April 1841 g. From Moscow to St. Petersburg)

dear grandmother,
I look forward to letters from you with any news; I will stay in Moscow for several days, I stopped at the Rosen; Alex Arkadich here yet; and going the day after tomorrow. I received here was the society as usual is very good - and I'm pretty fun; yesterday was Nikolai Nikolaevich Annenkova1 and tomorrow his dinner; He was very kind to me: - that's all, I can tell you about my life here; I will add, I'm from the local air stouter in two days; I strongly Petersburg harmful; may be, also because I pozdorovel, that all the way to drink the bitter water, which to me is always very helpful. tell, pozhalusta, me Ekimov Shangireyu, что я ему напишу перед отъездом отсюда и кое-что пришлю. - probably, Sashenkin wedding too was, and therefore I ask you to greet her from me; Leokadii2 and tell me, I kiss her and wish to reform, and be as gently as possible at all.
Farewell, dear grandmother, Be healthy and confident, that God will reward you for all the sadness. I kiss your pen, I ask your blessing and I remain
obedient grandson
M. Lermontov.

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Mikhail Lermontov
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