E. BUT. Arsenieva (18 July 1837 r. From Pyatigorsk to Petersburg)

18 July.
dear grandmother! I am writing to you on heavy mail, because of the third day of extra-mail I did not have time, For traveled on railways and water, to blame, completely forgotten, there do not accept letters; I'm afraid, so you did not worry, one that almost no letters. A squadron of our regiment, to which Baron Rosen told me to rank, It will be located in Anapa, on the Black Sea at a meeting of the sovereign, here, where Sonya squad, and, Consequently, I will not go with water in Georgia; So I ask you, dear grandmother, continue to address the letter to Pavel Ivanovich Petrov's name and write to it: He promised me to deliver them to; no other way, because there a message here is very difficult, and the mail does not go, and despatches sent by courier. By Alexei Arkadicha I received news; he is healthy, and some officers, who came out here, I was told, that it can be considered the best officer of the Guards, sent to the Caucasus. Then, that you write to me about Gvozdyov,1 I was not really surprised; I, leaving, he predicted, that it will be a cadet in my platoon; and though, sorry for him.
Here the weather is terrible: rains, winds, fogs; worse in July in St. Petersburg in September; so I stopped to take a bath and drinking water to the good days. However, I think, not renew, because that is healthy as well as possible. To send in the squad I have to do a lot of shopping, and their belongings to leave I think Pavel Ivanovich. You are welcome, send me money, dear grandmother; on living here I would get; and if you send late, то в Анапу трудно доставить. - Goodbye, dear grandmother, kiss your pen, I ask your blessing and I remain yours forever tied to you and humble
Michael grandson.
Most of all do not worry about me; God will give, we'll see you soon.

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