BUT. M. Vereshchagin (The end of October 1832 r. From St. Petersburg to Moscow)

Woman unfair and credulous! (and notice that I have the right to appoint you as well, Dear cousin). You have risen to the words and the letter of a young girl without analyzing; Annette said she never wrote a story that I had, but I have not been counted the years I spent in Moscow, like so many others; because there is a reform in all universities, and I fear that Alexis will also suffer, one year since added three unbearable.
- You should already know, our Lady, I walk to school Guardes; which unfortunately deprive me of the pleasure of seeing you soon. - If you could guess all the grief that makes me, you would have complained; - therefore more scold, and comforted me, if you have a heart. –
I can not imagine what you mean by the words weigh, I do not remember having written something similar. Furthermore I thank you for scolding, it will help me for the future; and if you come to Petersburg hopefully revenge fully, - and above the market - with swords - and no quarter, hear you! - but that does not scare you; always come, and bring with you a large retinue; Sophie and miss, to which I do not write, because I sulk against it; she promised to write to me arriving in Voronezh - a long letter, and I notice that the length of the time - which replaces the letter.
- And you, Dear cousin, you accuse me of the same thing! - yet I wrote two letters after Mr. Paul Evreinoff. But as they were addressed in the house Stolypin in Moscow, I'm sure that has engulfed the Lethe, or the wife of a domestic twirled candles with my tender epistles.
- So, I expect this winter; point runaround; you have to come; a great project should not be abandoned well, the flower is not to wither on the stem, et cetera.
Until I say goodbye, because I did nothing to you communicate interesting; I prepare for the exam, and within a week, with God's help, I will be military; again: you assign too much water from the Neva; it is a very good purgative, but I do not know him another quality; Apparently you have forgotten my past flirtations, and you do that for the present and the future, that is sure to occur to you by the first opportunity; so farewell, Dear friend, and put all your care to find me a future; it must look like Dachinka, but it does not have a big belly as she, because there would be symmetry with me, as you know; or like you do not know, because I became like a match end.
I kiss your hands
M. Lerma.
P. S. My compliments aunts. –


Unfair and gullible woman! (note, I have every right to call you so, dear cousin). Did you believe the words of the letter and the young girl, not understand them. Annette talk, she never wrote, if I was a nuisance, but only passed, I do not score?, Like many other, during his stay in Moscow, For all the universities reformed, and I fear, as if this does not hurt and Alexis, because three years of unbearable add another.
You, of course, already you know, dear madam, I go to school guard sub-ensigns; it would deprive me, Unfortunately, pleasure to see you soon. If you had to guess, how much grief it causes me, you would pity me; do not rebuke me most is, and reassurance, if you have heart.
I do not understand, what do you mean by the expression weigh words, I do not remember, I wrote to you anything like that. However, thank you for, you scolded me, this is me a lesson for the future, and, if you arrive in St. Petersburg, I hope it is to avenge himself, and the addition saber blows and without mercy, - Do you hear! But do not let that scare; still come and bring with you a large retinue and m-lle Sophie, I do not write, because angry at her; She promised to write to me on his return from a long letter Voronezh, but I notice only the length of time, replaces a letter.
And you, dear cousin, You accuse me of the same, and in fact I wrote you two letters after Paul Evreinov. But since they were addressed to Stolypin's house in Moscow, I'm sure, that he swallowed them fly or the wife of a lackey candles wrapped my delicate messages.
so, I expect you this winter; no evasive answers; you should come; good intention should not be left unfulfilled, flower should not fade on the stem, etc.. d.
Until I tell you goodbye, because there is nothing more interesting to tell you I can not; I prepare for the exam, and a week later with the help of God I will war; Besides, You attach too much importance to the Neva water; it is a good laxative, but the other qualities I do not know her; obviously, you forget my previous courtship and live only the present and future, which will not be slow to introduce themselves to you at the first opportunity; farewell, Dear friend, and make every effort, to find for me the future; 1 must, that it was like Dasha, but without her big belly, For then there will be compliance with me, as you know or you do not know, because I flocks thin as a rake.
I kiss your hands
M. Lerma.
R. S. My respects Aunty.

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