BUT. M. Vereshchagina-Hügel (16 November 1838 r. From St. Petersburg to Paris)

St. Petersburg, November 16/28. medium.

My cousin,
I bow
in this place!1
how sweet he is
to pardon!

* * *
my laziness, etc., etc.

- Really I only found this way to remember you, and get my forgiveness; be happy, and do not blame me; Tomorrow I begin a massive letter for you ... My aunt tears me the pen ah ...!..
M. Lermontoff.


St. Petersburg, November 16/28. medium

My dear cousin,
on this spot!
how sweet
be gracious!

* * *
my laziness, and so on. P., and so on. P.

- right, I did not find anything else, to remind myself and beg for forgiveness; Be happy and do not be mad at me; Tomorrow I start a long letter to you ... Aunt pulls my pen ... ah!..
M. Lermontov.

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Mikhail Lermontov
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